Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 26th August 2019 Written Update

Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 26th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 26th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arjun seeing badal climbing down from Suman’s room and says what are you doing, Suman is marrying me tomorrow. Badal says suman loves me and was marrying you under pressure. Arjun says I have everything which a girl needs, money, home and name. Badal says she needs love and respect and tells that he can earn all those things. Rama teases Suman. Suman gets upset. Rukmani tells Suman that you will marry Badal tomorrow. Suman asks why is she joking? She asks if babu ji agreed. Rukmani says he will not bend down and tells that he had kidnapped Badal’s family. Suman says he took swear on me. Rukmani says I was silent till now and says when my daughter loved a suitable and good guy then why can’t I help her. She says you will marry Badal tomorrow. Rama says if you

get your love then we will be happy. Suman hugs them and says she can’t live without Badal. Rama and Rukmani go. Suman thinks if I break my promise made to Arjun then what will be the difference between Suman and me.
Arjun asks Sharmila how is he looking? Sharmila tells him that she is his mum and wants to alert him, says that when a relation is snatched then it can’t be made. Arjun asks for her blessings. Sharmila makes him wear turban and says this is my dulha raja. Suman gets ready for marriage. Rama, Shashi and Rukmani get Suman ready. Rama says we are happy that you are getting married, says they will be sad when she is not with them in the house, but will watch the show Gudiya. Shashi says baraat came. Pujan tells Chandrama that his only daughter Suman is marrying today. Rukmani calls Badal and tells Rama that he is not picking the call. Rukmani says I don’t want anything wrong to happen and want her to marry Badal, whom she loves. Pujan asks Rukmani to welcome the groom. Rukmani says I am not happy with the marriage and goes. Pujan looks angrily. Suman imagines Badal coming to her and goon hitting him.

Rama takes Suman to the mandap. She sits with her groom. Pujan and Rukmani do the kanyadaan. Sharmila and others look on. Rukmani calls Badal desperately. The groom fills Suman’s maang with sindoor. They exchange garlands and start talking the rounds. Pujan is happy and looks at Suman. Suman stops while taking rounds. The groom holds her hand and takes rounds with her. Pandit ji declares them husband and wife and asks them to take elders’ blessings. Badal’s mother and Guddi come there. Suman and the groom go near Chatura and take her blessings. Suman recognizes Badal and hugs him. Pujan gets doubtful and moves his sehra. He throws the sehra and asks where is Arjun? Rukmani is happy. Lakhan holds his collar. Badal asks where is Arjun? Inspector comes there. Pujan says Sevaktola guy married my daughter forcibly and asks Inspector to arrest him. Arjun comes there and says why he shall be arrested, tells that Suman was marrying me forcibly and says here whatever happened was right, unity of two lovers. Pujan asks what nonsense and says this is my house and my daughter. He asks Inspector to arrest him. Inspector says I will do and asks who is ready to be witness of this marriage. Rukmani says I am the first witness, I am the bride’s mum and this marriage happened with my wish. Rama says this marriage happened infront of me and says I support their marriage. Shashi says I am her choti chichi and supports the marriage. Chandrama says if women of the house can show courage then I will be a fool if I don’t support my niece. He also supports the marriage.

Pujan gets angry and says everyone is against me, Pujan Pandey’s daughter can marry this Sevak tola guy. He shoots at Badal, but Suman comes infront, takes bullet on herself and falls down. She says you had promised that you will not do anything to Badal. Pujan says I did a mistake. Suman says your dharm and jaat have won and says humanity is not valuable for you. He says if everyone gets affected a bit by making my blood flow then leave this hatred life. Pujan Pandey promises her. They rush her hospital. Later she opens her eyes at home and sees Pujan Pandey. Pujan Pandey tells that he is getting punished for his sins as he is handcuffed. He asks Badal to give his hand and gives in Suman’s hand. He asks Badal and Suman to forgive him and tells Rukmani that he will do her seva in next birth. Rukmani says I will wait for you in this birth. Lakhan didn’t surrender and hugs Pujan and cries. Inspector takes Pujan with him. Chatura says they shall let Suman rest and asks Badal to be with Suman. They all leave. Arjun asks Suman to get well soon, says we will elope them. Suman says sorry. Arjun says you can’t get lover like Badal, I am a doctor, but he is 100 percent lover. He asks Badal to take care of Suman, says she is very special and asks them to call him if needed. Suman thanks him. Arjun goes. Badal asks her to say something. Suman says I love you very much. Badal says but you don’t love me like I love you. Suman smiles. He fills her maang with sindoor and kisses on her forehead. Voiceover tells that love is life and there is no religion of love. Jaat Na Poocho Ji plays….

Dekho do dil mil baithe hai prem ke is sanskar me….
Aayegi na koi ab mushkil hum dono ke pyaar me….

The show endsb on a happy note with the two lovers uniting for forever overcoming the discrimination and hurdles, due to their different caste.

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