Suhagan Chudail 5th July 2024 Written Update

Suhagan Chudail 5th July 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Suhagan Chudail 5th July 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Moksh has to fill sindur in Nishi’s hairline. Deya wonders how to et the sindur first. She sits on their feet. Nishi is happy. She says I will get my 16th jewel sindur. Deya pinches Moksh. The sindur falls in Deya’s hairline. Nishi asks what happened Moksh. He fills Nihshi’s hairline. She gets happy. Nishi feels nothing. She sees Deya. She wonders how is she alive. She doesn’t even have her locket. Everyone says Deya..they are shocked to see her. Deya says I am Moksh’s wife. She says I did pheras before Nisi and my hairline got filled before her. Moksh says what rubish? Nishi is my wife, not you. I filled er hairline. She says we did pheras as well. I am your wife now. Everyone is shocked. Nishi gets angry. Deya says we married with all rituals. Raghu says we will get you arrested. Deya says I will remain Moksh’s wife. I got the sindur before him. Nishi says this is deceit. The sindur fell he didn’t fill your hairline. Your claim is based on fake pheras.

Nishi says Moksh remove this sindur. How her place to her. Deya says don’t do this Moksh. THis will impact you. He tries to clean it. Josna says stop Moksh. It’s a bad omen. Sindur protects your life. Nishi says I am his wife. SHe lied. Kick her out. Josna says DEya also has moksh’s sindur. I won’t let any trouble come to my son. Rachna says so Moksh will have two wives? Nishi says how can you forget all she did? She killed people to get Moksh. Did black magic. Do you still want her to be Moksh’s wife? Moksh says it’s my life. I will decide who my wife is. Nishi is my wife, not Deya. Josna says think before you decide anything. We should go to guru ji. She takes the three of them to guru ji.

Scene 2
Nishi says Moksh and I got married. I am his wife. Guruji says it’s not that simple. Both of you have sindur. Moksh says it fell. Guru ji says this is destiny. It’s marriage if you fill her hairline. Moksh says it can be a lie. Pandit ji checks his kundli. He gets shocked. Josna asks what happened. He says his kundli has two wives. They are both Moksh’s wives. One will be Moksh’s protector. Josna thinks about what Maharaj ji said. Moksh says Deya come with me outside.

Deya says Moksh I did it all for you. It’s Nishi. She cloned as Mohs. Nishi looks at Deya in anger. She says what did you thnk you can defeat me? You like playing games right? You will die now. She strangles her. Deya says I am Moksh’s wife. If I die your greh paravesh won’t happen either. Nishi locks Deya. Deya says I am Moksh’s wife. Nishi says I should keep you alive. I should show you every day that Moksh is mine. He will do the suhagraat with me. Then I will sacrifice him. A board falls towards Josna. Moksh saves her. Nishi comes in. DEya says I have to save Moksh from Nishi.

Episode ends

Precap: Nishigandha offers Moksh’s blood to complete her ritual.

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