Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th July 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Micky calling Arjun. Kashvi picks the call. Micky says where are you, you went in the night and then didn’t return. He says there is nothing to eat. Romila says they didn’t have tea. Isha says they are very hungry. Keval says bring something to eat. Kashvi ends the call and thinks I was worried for them, and they are enjoying. She thinks Aditya was right that Arjun kidnapped them. She thinks she will find and question them. She calls someone and asks to find the location of the number. Arjun wakes up hearing the phone ringing. Micky asks Arjun to bring food fast and says they are very hungry. He says he told him, but he didn’t say anything. Arjun says when did you call me. Micky asks him to reach fast with the food. Arjun ends the call and checks the call list. He finds that the earlier call duration was 20 seconds. He thinks who had picked the call. Peon comes there and says good morning. Arjun asks him if someone had come here. Peon says Kashvi had come here. Arjun gets shocked and says Kashvi has found out and will find and reach the location. He leaves from his office.

Kashvi reaches the farmhouse and thinks whose farmhouse is this. She gets down her car and gets inside the gate. Arjun comes there and calls Kashvi. Nitya comes out of farmhouse, and thinks why the lawn is looking messed up. She finds the landmines and the wires connected one mine with the other. Kashvi comes inside. Nitya sees her and asks her to stop. Kashvi thinks she wants to stop me, and asks why did you support your son in this big lie. Nitya asks Kashvi to stop right there, and says you have kept your foot on landmine, and asks her to keep her other foot in air, and says if you keep your other foot on land then the bomb will blast, and we all will die. Kashvi and Arjun are shocked. Romila, Keval and others come out. Nitya stops them and tells about the landmines placed over there. Micky and Monty tell that they will save Kashvi. Kashvi asks them to go inside. Isha asks until when you will stand here, Kashvi says until you all get saved. Arjun asks Kashvi to stand like a statue.

Kashvi asks how dare you to keep my family at such a place, everyone is in trouble because of you and says if anything happens to them. Arjun says nothing will happen to them, I didn’t put them in any trouble and says I did their kidnapping to expose Aditya and to stop your marriage. He says I was in Aditya’s office all night. Kashvi says if anything happens to my family then I will never forgive you. Arjun says nothing will happen to them, and asks her not to keep her other foot down. He says you have to keep strength and says if you keep your foot then all the landmines will blast, as they are inter connected and if anything happens to you then I will jump in the fire, as I can’t live without you, you are my love. Kashvi says I don’t care for myself, but save my family and says nothing shall happen to them. She is about to fall, when Arjun holds her hand. Yeh hain chahatein plays……She says we don’t have much time, think something and take them out from here. Arjun says I will save everyone. He calls Devansh and asks him to send Police and bomb squad to his farmhouse.

Aditya thinks bomb blasted must have happened by now, and comes to his cabin. He calls Peon and asks about Arjun. Peon says Arjun was here all night and then he left. Aditya asks about Kashvi. Peon says first Kashvi left and then Arjun, and he was murmuring that kashvi found everything. Aditya gets shocked and thinks he can’t let anything happen to his Kashvi. Nitya says we can’t be idle until the bomb is diffused, we have to do something. Arjun says I will think something.

He asks Micky to get the Zipline along with some dupattas from the storeroom and go upstairs. Micky brings the zipline and throws at Arjun. Arjun catches it and ties it to the tree. He asks Micky to send Keval and Romila first. Aditya reaches there and thinks Arjun will act to be superman, and finds Kashvi standing on the mine. He thinks he will save Kashvi, I had planned this to kill Sabarwal family and frame Arjun. He sees Arjun saving the family members. Keval, Romila, Nitya, Isha, Monty and Micky then reach to the safe side while hanging and sliding on zipline with the help of dupatta. Arjun holds everyone of them and tells Kashvi that he has saved everyone, and he will save her too.

The Police and bomb squad comes there. Aditya acts as if he has brought them and asks Kashvi, how did you come here, and says I told you not to trust this Arjun. Arjun says this is the time to save Kashvi and not to argue. He asks Bomb squad to do anything. The bomb squad tells that the landmines are interconnected and can blast if she steps her foot down. Arjun says we know already and asks him to do something to save Kashvi. The bomb squad asks the family members to go out. Aditya goes out with them. Arjun stays with Kashvi and tells her that she is very brave. The bomb squad gives her stone and asks her to keep it on the landmine and move her foot from there. Kashvi puts the stone on the landmine and move her foot, when the landmine blasts. Aditya shouts Kashu. Arjun manages to save Kashvi. He comes out with Kashvi in his arms and asks her to keep her eyes open, and says I will not let anything happen to you. Aditya is angry that Arjun has ruined his plan.

At Arjun’s house, Arjun asks Kashvi to give her hand to apply ointment. Kashvi asks how can you keep my family in such a dangerous place. Arjun says I kept them safely, I didn’t know who kept the landmines there. Kashvi doesn’t believe him. Aditya says Kashvi is right. Arjun says why I will risk Mom, she was inside. He says I love your family a lot, and they are like my own family, why will I risk their lives. He says I was about to sleep there, else I would be in the same situation. He says Aditya called me to give the file. Kashvi says you want to say that Aditya has done this, you want to put blame on him. Arjun says I am not putting blame on him right now, and says whoever has done this, I will prove that person guilty.

Precap: Arjun tells Kashvi that if she wanted to marry then he will not stop her and asks her to come with him. He takes her somewhere and asks her to see Aditya. Aditya is with Mahima. Kashvi asks what he is doing with Mahima. Arjun says today he will be exposed and says we can hear them as Mahima is using bluetooth in her ear connected to his phone. Aditya tells Mahima that he planted the landmines to kill Kashvi, so that Arjun gets blamed for their murder, and says he wants to get Kashvi at any cost.

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