Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th July 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aditya confessing to have killed all the women. He tells Kashvi that nobody can snatch him either died or alive. Arjun and Aditya try to snatch the gun from each other’s hand and the bullet is shot, both of them falls down. Kashvi and Mahima are shocked.

Few hours back: Arjun tells Kashvi that he will not stop her for anything, and takes swear on Karun, and asks her to come with him. Kashvi goes with him. Mahima tells Aditya that she had stolen his shoes in his marriage and wants 1 crore nek, and she will keep his marriage peaceful else she will tell truth to Kashvi and Kashvi will put him in jail directly. Arjun brings Kashvi there. Kashvi says I hope you are not doing any foolishness like you got my family kidnapped. Arjun says no and asks her to look in the front. Kashvi sees Mahima and Aditya. Arjun says Mahima and Aditya were always together, and today you will hear Aditya’s truth. He says Mahima has used blue tooth in his ears, we will hear it on the phone. He makes Kashvi hear him. Aditya says yes, I have done the crimes, who will believe you, you don’t have any proofs. Mahima says I know all your crimes, if I count all your crimes, then you will shaken up and fall down in fear. Aditya says you didn’t know, that you are messing up with a devil. He says I will count all my crimes, and says I got all the murders done of the women, and had hired a guy for it and got him killed too. He says I didn’t leave even my Mom, he put all his crimes on her head and got her jailed. He says nothing happened to me, and says he made Kamal fled, got Karun kidnapped, got car blasted, made Arjun’s fake voice recording heard by Karun, and just as my work was over, I got Kamal killed. He says my masterstroke was that, I had planted landmines in the farmhouse, so that all the Sabarwal family gets killed and Arjun gets blamed for it, and Kashvi shall hate him and oust him from her life. He says it was easy to fool Arjun and made him dance making my puppet and he didn’t understand. He says he wanted to get Kashvi using Saam daam dand bhed and the day have come today when I will marry Kashvi. He asks Mahima not to make him angry, as he don’t want to do any crime today, and asks him to out. Mahima says it is not late for me, but late for you. She says I have recorded all your confession and plays it. Aditya tries to get it, but Mahima refuses to give him, pushes him and runs. Aditya catches her and tries to get the recording from her hand, and tries to suffocate her to death. Arjun comes there and kicks Aditya. Aditya gets up and is about to hit Arjun, when Kashvi comes there.

Aditya tells Kashvi that they want to trap him, and want to break our marriage, they are shameless people and don’t understand. Kashvi says what kind of man you are, you are such a disgusting man and slaps him for kidnapping Karun. Arjun gives chain to Kashvi and asks her to punish the devil with it. Kashvi ties chain on her hand and hits Aditya, and says you have killed many people, but haven’t faced a mother. She says if I can marry you for my son then I can kill you for the same child. Nitya records it and thinks my plan is working as I want, and Aditya is out of Kashvi and Karun’s life, and Mahima will be happy with the money, I will give her money and will get rid of her. She thinks to keep the recording to use it later. Kashvi asks why did you try to kidnap and kill Karun. She says I trusted you the most and told Arjun that I trust you and haven’t trusted Arjun. Aditya asks her to listen to her and says I love you. Kashvi says today your inhuman act will end, and I will punish you. He says forgive me this time, I will not do this again. Kashvi pushes him and asks him how can he do bad with her son. Aditya holds Kashvi’s neck and says I have done the murders to get you, and says I love you, and want to be with you, you are mine, nobody can snatch you from me, either dead or alive. Kashvi hits him with her elbow, and gun falls down from Aditya’s pocket. Kashvi asks Arjun to get the gun. They both run to get the gun and hit each other. They take the gun and Kashvi tries to take the gun from their hand. They push Kashvi and she falls. The bullet is shot and both of them falls down. Aditya looks at his bullet injury and dies. Arjun falls on the pillar and gets head injury. Kashvi runs to Arjun and holds him. Mahima says Aditya is murdered, Arjun will be blamed. Kashvi says no, Arjun will not be accused, as he saved us. Mahima says but technically Arjun has killed Aditya. Kashvi says Arjun did it in self defence and says how can you say this. She says I have to save Arjun. Nitya hears them and comes there. Mahima says Arjun has killed Aditya. Kashvi says whatever happened. Nitya asks Mahima to call the Police and signs her something and says tell everything truly.

They run Arjun to the hospital. Doctor comes out and says we have stitched his injury, but he has not come in his senses, and says next 24 hours are critical for him. Nitya sees Mahima coming there and signs her something. She tells Jagdish that she will order tea and coffee for everyone. She comes to Mahima and asks why she was signing. Mahima asks about Arjun. Nitya says he will be fine and asks her to do something before he gets fine. She asks her to start her plan.

Mahima comes to Dadi and says she has come to bring clothes for Kashvi. Dadi asks since when you worry for Kashvi. Mahima says Arjun is in hospital, so spare me today. Karun hears her. Dadi asks if you will eat something. Mahima says no and asks if Karun knows that Arjun is in hospital and fighting with his life and death.

Precap: After 6 months, Raunaq sir calls Arjun and asks him to report to the office. Kashvi thinks 6 months happened, and I haven’t seen his face. Raunaq asks them to work on the case and says best of luck to both of you.

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