Jubilee Talkies 25th June 2024 Written Update

Jubilee Talkies 25th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Jubilee Talkies 25th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shivangi and her mum getting shocked seeing the fire. Aai stops her. Shivangi says I have to go out. Aai says listen to me. She coughs and falls down. Shivangi checks the exit doors. She sees her mum. Yadav says their cinema burnt. He laughs. Shivangi shouts for help. She makes Aai drink some water. She gets motivated hearing Ayaan’s film dialogues. She nods. She kicks the damaged door and breaks it open. She takes her mum out. Yadav says give Sangam to me, take your money and leave. Chandu sees Shivangi and Aai. He says they got saved. Yadav says but their Sangam didn’t get saved. Shivangi thinks to get the papers. She asks Aai to wait there. She runs back. Yadav asks did she go inside to switch off the lights and fans. Shivangi gets the papers and her dad’s pic. She sees the theatre hall burning. She leaves. She comes to Aai and hugs her.

She says dad was with me, I got the papers, it’s the only proof that Sangam is ours. She falls down and cries. She says I thought to pay the loans and fulfill dad’s dreams. Aai smells the kerosene container. She says someone burnt our dreams, lives and Sangam. Shivangi recalls Chandu’s words. She says no one can snatch our Sangam from us. Chandu says who is snatching it, I m asking for it. They get shocked. Aai scolds him. Chandu asks her to give the papers. He says I will get you money by talking to Yadav. Aai says I will not leave you now. Yadav comes and greets them. He says I m corporator Yadav. She says you are a devil. He points gun at her. He threatens them and asks for the papers.

He shoots in the air. Shivangi hits Yadav with the pic frame. Aai and Shivangi run. Goons run after them. Yadav says I want the papers, I will see how long will they run. They see Chandu bribing the police. They hide in the temple. They fall asleep. Its morning, they wake up and see the goons looking for them. They start running again. They hide inside a water tanker. The man starts the water supply. Aai says if water gets filled, then we will die. Shivangi says I will go up and see, stay here. She sees the goons there. She says the goons are outside, we can’t go out. They cry. The water supply stops. The truck leaves. Shivangi says Sangam’s papers shouldn’t get destroyed. Aai says we lost everything. She cries. Shivangi remembers her dad’s words. She says we got saved, I promised, we will come back to build Sangam again, don’t get fearless. Chandu says they have run away, you got Sangam. Yadav and Chandu doesn’t see Shivangi. The water tanker comes to Jubilee Talkies. They hear the people talking. Aai gets scared. Shivangi checks where they reached. She sees the film shooting going on. She gets Aai out of the tank. They see the people busy in the film shooting.

The man says junior artists should be inside. Shivangi asks Aai to come. They see the girls. The fake rain starts. Shivangi says rehearsal is going on. The unit boy gives them tea. They see Raju madam punishing a man for stealing clothes. Shivangi says she seems to be the boss. She looks for Aai. She sees Jubilee Talkies board and recalls her dad’s words. She says cinema’s God stays here. Ayaan comes there.

Shivangi performs with Ayaan. She says I will tell everything to Ayaan and he will help us.

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