Pukaar 25th June 2024 Written Update

Pukaar 25th June 2024 Written Update by Sona

Pukaar 25th June 2024 Written Episode

Koyal brings the tea for Vedika and starts enjoying it herself, Koyal says the Maheshwari side would not be happy by it, Vedika informs Degvijay came and so left after the break, Koyal says that it is the start of their first attack on Maheshwari family, Vedika thinks that one of the Maheshwari is not like them and so she thinking of Saraswathi takes out the sweater, Koyal asks if Vedika has lsot her mind then koyal wears it and is amazed by the correct size. Koyal wonders why is Saraswathi in that dangerous family, Koyal replies she does not have any relation to the Maheshwari family but even then when the court was against them she felt a very nice.

Pandit jee entering the Maheshwari Mansion says that it is now time for the result of the good and bad deeds, Degvijay says that he has done it all, Pandit jee says they have to pay the price for it, he informs he went to perform the Darshan and thought of bringing the pure Jhal even for her, Rageshwari takes it when Pandit jee says it is a good sign to keep it in their house, Pandit jee turns to leave when Rageshwari asks Degvijay to take his blessings, Pandit jee says he should live happily but Rageshwari says that Pandit jee should give him the blessings of a long life, Pandit jee leaves after blessing him that GhatuSham jee should give him good intellect.

Koyal tells Vedika today they managed to bring Dayal uncle out of the jail and now they have gotten one score higher then them so now should wait for the other attack, Vedika thinks they should make sure Saraswathi aunti does not get hurt.

Rageshwari holding the Jhal is thinking about all those years ago when Pandit jee said that Saraswathi and her two daughters are pure as the Jhal Rageshwari says she does not want it so wastes the Jhal thinking Saraswathi did not find her daughters till now and who knows if they are even alive or not while the third part which is living in their house would not be allowed to find the truth and Rageshwari is shocked to see that the water is coming in one place, she recalls when Pandit jee said that by the blessing of Ghatu Sham the daughters would surely meet Saraswathi one day.

Rageshwari opens the wardrobe thinking of the family turban and cloth which was about to go in the hands of outsiders and she managed to save them after a a lot of struggle. Rageshwari sees Saraswathi standing in front of her who explains she wants to go on her old house as there is just one day when she goes there which is on the birthday of Gautham, Rageshwari angrily says there is no need to go there as Saraswathi has still not forgotten her first husband, Saraswathi says she goes there just once in a year and so she should be allowed, Rageshwari says she considers Saraswathi her daughter so feels worried and she does not like when Saraswathi gets even more tensed. She asks her to look at Kamal who is her husband but she keeps thinking about Gautham and would Kamal like it, so why would he bear it and for how long. Kamal says he does not have any problem by it and not any complaint from Saraswathi jee. Kamal asks if she did not go till now, Saraswathi replies how can she leave without the permission of Maa, Rageshwari turns to her but Sagar asks why does she need permission, questioning why can the aunt not go and not a school where they need permission. Sagar says if Kamal uncle does not have any problem then Dadi should not be worried, Rageshwari thinks that even Sagar is confronting her for Saraswathi, he asks Dadi who relies he can never be wrong. Rageshwari tells Saraswathi she is not a principal and she will not punish her so she is worried about her, Rageshwari says Saraswathi can go to the house of Sagar without the need for her permission, Saraswathi thanks Rageshwari and Kamal before walking away. Kamal also leaves to sit beside Degvijay. Sagar says that Dayal Singh got the bail, hearing which Degvijay is stunned, Sagar thanks is father for coming to the court hearing on time as he appreciates it. Kamal tries to leave when he is stopped by Rageshwari and she asks him to make tea for her, Kamal is stunned at first but then agrees to make it, Degvijay furiously hits the desk saying the daughter of the teacher attained the bail.

Vedika stops the scooty when she says she is going to perform a prank, Sagar is stunned seeing Koyal and questions what si she doing here so informs that he does not like her face, Vedika says that they did not get the bail so Sagar says she is useless as she lost her first case and then he starts smiling explaining that he got the news an hour ago but just needed the bail papers. Vedika tries to go to Saraswathi but Sagar stops her saying today is the birth anniversary of her late husband, Sagar offers to drop her at the house but she refuses, Koyal asks Vedika if Saraswathi aunti has been married before, Vedika replies she told her how her first husband died and even her daughters are missing, Vedika and Koyal see that Saraswathi has dropped the keys so they start following her to give the keys.

Saraswathi gets out of the auto outside the house and going to the main door she sees the name plate after which she gets lost in the memories of the beautiful moments spent with f Gautham, Saraswathi asks if Gautham knows why the light is turned on forever, it is because she can see the future and no matter how much time goes by she prays that both Jhanvi and Yamini reach the house.

Vedika and Koyal stop the scooty when Saraswathi thinks she might have dropped the key, she turns back to see Koyal holding the key, Vedika informs that she dropped it outside the Maheshwari Mansion, Saraswathi says she might have not been able to go inside, Saraswathi offers them both to come inside but Vedika says they know she wants to spend some time alone and so they will leave but Saraswathi says this means Sagar has told them everything about today yet she still wants them to come inside as she will feel nice. Saraswathi unlocks the door and the three of them place the first step together.

Precap: Degvijay angrily says he can get rid of this problem in an instant, Rageshwari allows him to kill Vedika, the criminals starts throwing stones into the house of Gautham and Saraswathi while Vedika and Koyal are still inside with Saraswathi, they get shocked seeing the criminals standing in front of them.

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