Suhagan Chudail 25th June 2024 Written Update

Suhagan Chudail 25th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Suhagan Chudail 25th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Moksh says this ghunghat. Josna says this is their family ritual. Nishi brought Deya’s clone there and made her sit there. She says her brother got this. Moksh says, brother? She says yes her cousin. Vishter, Vishter meets them. Rachna says I’ve seen her before. Malti tries to see her face but her hands hurt. She cries. Josna says it might be a sprain.

The kid gives Deya a book adn says it has everything written bout Nishiganda. Moksh and Deya’s haldi starts. Everyoen does the ritual. They were their feet. moksh sees Deya’s face. He’s shocked. He takes off the ghunghat. Everyone is shocked. Raghunath gets angry. A villager drops the face of the idol by mistake and the face fixes together. Deya reads the book. She reads about the suhagan chudail’s powers with her beauty and jewels. Nishi starts listening to it. The idols fix together. She says someone got to Sohangarh. Deya sees all her jewels in the book.

Does Rachna say you still wanna marry Moksh? How disgusting are you? Josna says Deya what are you doing here? where is moksh? Moksh says Deya what is going on? join says say something. Nishi runs downstairs. Deya gets up and walks out. Nishi goes out. She asks who is trying to read my secrets. What if they read how to kill me? They have to die. Deya reads how she gets a jewel everytime she marries and kills her husbands. She’s married 15th times and now she wants her 16th husband and sacrifices him. She will kill her husband on the wedding night. Nishi says I need to kill the person who’s reading it. The kids say there’s a storm, Nishi got to know about us. Let’s go from here. They run out. Deya falls. Two arrows come towards her. The kid saves Deya. He says run from here. I died 23 years ago. my whole family was killed by suhagan chudail. My family had one duty, whoever came there with this lock, we had to tell them about her story. That’s why my soul was here waiting for you. Go adn meet Kapila yogini. She can help you. She’s in the temple between the Sohangarh mountains.

Nishi tries to see but she can’t. Deya runs from there. She comes to the mountains. Deya finds the temple. She recalls what the kid said. Deya comes to the temple. She falls. A lot of snakes surround her. Deya scared, she says kapila yogini. She screams for help. Deya says no one is here. This was all Nishi’s plan to kill me. I can’t die like this. I’ve to save Moksh and Dad. Deya says I have to be strong. She fights with the snakes. Deya says kapika yogini are you here?

Nishi gets angry. She spreads fire all over. Vishter wonders where Nishi go. Everyoen looks for Nishi. moskh goes after Deya’s clone. He tries to stop her but she walks through her. Moksh is shocked. Rachna wonders what is happening. Where did her cousin go? She sees Nishi and Visheter outside. She says Nishi are you okay? I thought Deya did something to you. Ninshi says she left no stone unturned.

Deya falls. She says I am sorry. I didn’t come here to ruin your meditation I need your help. I want to defeat a chudail. It’s suhagan chudail. She says she wants to sacrifice my love. She wants to marry and kill him. I’ve to save him. Kapila says you can’t fight her. Neither could you. Deya says I am brave enough to fight her. She says would you be able to take the risk of death for your love? She says my love would win over death. You can take my test.

Deya’s clone disappears. Moksh looks for her. They see black smoke. Everyone is shocked. Josna screams. Kapila says his name is Moksh right? This is the test of your love, not yours. A chudail can fool any man. He has to win his love magic. He can’t forget his love even under her magic. Deya says he still loves me. She says his mind is in her control but his heart is mine only. She says this snake will be your test. Its poison will cause your death in an hour but if your love saves you from the haldi that’s on him, you can be saved. Deya says I am ready.

Episode ends

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