Jubilee Talkies 8th July 2024 Written Update

Jubilee Talkies 8th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Jubilee Talkies 8th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aai dreaming of Shivangi in trouble. She says Shivangi didn’t come home till now. She calls Shivangi. Shivangi wakes up and looks around. She takes the call. Aai asks where are you, you didn’t come home, come fast, I m tense, are you fine. Shivangi says I m fine. Aai says Raju told me, you stood outside AG’s house all night. Shivangi sees cleaning service guys coming. She says I will do the work and come, keep breakfast ready. She hides in the cleaning van. Goldie comes to Tara and says Ira’s news has come in the newspaper, she is an item girl, she has no work, she is using Ayaan, you have played a master stroke. Tara smiles.

Shivangi enters the house with the cleaning staff. Ira calls Ayaan and asks did you read the newspaper. He reads it. He says don’t stress, the editor has to print an open apology. She says its no use, do you think I m using you for my career. He says no, I will ask Sandy to crack a trick to counter this, relax, who can do this cheap thing. She says so sorry to say, I feel Tara printed this article. He says no, how can this happen. She says she doesn’t like me. He says she knows how much I love you. She says Tara called me yesterday, she got very angry and almost threatened me. He goes to Tara and asks did you print that article. She asks are you doubting me, Ira is with you because you are a superstar, she is a nobody, she is selfish gold digger, she loves your fame and stardom, not you. He says she loves me truly, she is my childhood friend. She says love has no meaning, then Rishi would have been with you now, he would have not run away leaving us in trouble. Shivangi says how does this work. She stops the vaccum cleaner. She meets Dimple. She drinks some water and thanks her. Dimple asks her to sit for some time. Shivangi and Dimple have a talk.

Shivangi asks for Ayaan’s room. She says I have come for cleaning his room. Dimple says no, you don’t have to do anything there. She goes. Shivangi says I have to meet Ayaan. Ayaan is with Veer. He hits the punching bag. Veer asks him to relax and not care of Bua’s words. Shivangi sees Ayaan and smiles. Tara asks what are you doing here, I asked cleaning staff to stay downstairs, come. Shivangi goes. She says aunty, Ayaan fired me from the sets, I have to talk something imp, please let me meet him once. Servant asks her to leave. Goldie comes and asks what is happening, who are you. She says I told you where Ayaan went. He asks so what, shall I give you the property. She says I just want to meet Ayaan, let me meet him once. Ayaan hears her shouting and goes to see.

Veer says Ira calling…. Ayaan goes back. Shivangi comes back and says please let me meet him for 2 mins, I m daring. Tara says leave her. Ayaan talks to Ira. Ira acts of suicide. Ayaan rushes to see her. Tara talks to Shivangi. Ayaan asks Ira to open the door. Veer says we have to break it. They break the door. They see Ira lying unconscious. Ayaan asks are you okay. He asks Veer to call the doctor.

Shivangi eats the food. Tara says I like your spirit, I m impressed with you. Shivangi thanks her. Tara says you will get the help you want, but you have to listen to me, like you chose Ayaan, I choose you for AG.

Ayaan meets Shivangi. Tara says Shivangi, be with Ayaan as his shadow. Shivangi gets glad. Tara says Shivangi will tell me everything about Ayaan, I will use her weakness.

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