Kavya 8th July 2024 Written Update

Kavya 8th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Kavya 8th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shubh doing the work. Kavya thanks him. He asks her to stay back for some time. She says I have explained you many times, I just love Adi. Anubha hugs Adi and cries. She thanks him. He says I m there if you need anything, we are friends. Kavya says Shubh, please stay away from me. Shubh says I love you. She says no, you just loved yourself, try to change, else you will always be alone. He says stop, I m sorry, I will not cross any limits, just stay my friend, you were my strength always, please help me. She says I will help you, but when you apologize to Adi. He refuses. She says you hit him. Seema gets the driver’s call. He tells about the police check. She asks what, I will find out who did this. Kavya says Shubh, will you apologize to Adi or not, okay, then I have nothing to talk. Shubh says fine, I will apologize if you are saying. She says fine, go and get ready. He goes to change. Kavya calls Mr. Saxena. He says police is here, there is no new consignment. He updates her. Seema says Kavya did this. Giriraj says she ruined everything. She says your bahu did this. He says I told you, she is sharp. He pacifies her. She says I made a mistake in knowing Kavya, she doesn’t know she is facing me. She asks for Kavya’s latest sonography. She smiles. Kavya comes to office. She asks what happened. The lady says Anubha tried to kill herself. Kavya asks what, when did this happen. The lady says drivers were talking.

Adi comes to office. He signs Anubha to smile. Shubh comes. She asks him not to say sorry. He says you should say sorry, you slapped me. She scolds him. He says you are wrong, you should be ashamed. They argue. Shubh apologizes to Adi. He says Kavya came home in the morning and explained me my mistake. Adi asks Anubha not to tell anything about Kavya. She asks Adi to stop covering Kavya’s mistakes. Shubh says I m sorry, Adi. He goes. Some men come and threaten Adi about the baby, by showing the sonography report. Adi tries to catch them. He rushes to Kavya. Kavya asks about Anubha, what happened to her. Adi says nothing.

She says we should ask her to take off and rest. Adi asks why, Shubh did this, he should sit at home. She says forget him, I pity him, he lost a nice girl. He says yes, you are talking about yourself, you went to his house to hug him. He taunts her. She says I m not hiding anything, I had work with him, I asked him to apologize to you. He says he apologized to me, he was acting. She says I m worried about Anubha. He says nothing will happen to her.

He asks are you still involved in the medicine scam. She says yes. He says stay away. She says people are dying in Babua, I have to send medicines there, many lives can end. Adi asks the DM to take urgent action on water contamination report. DM checks it and says great work. Kavya says thanks, I want to send the best officers, I want to do this work. DM says you are pregnant, why this risk. She says sanction high level security for me, it’s a big scam. DM says fine, I will see, I will arrange security. She thanks him. Adi says Kavya, you can’t go there, your life is in danger. He worries. She asks him to support her. She leaves.

Adi sees Kavya with Shubh. They argue. Anubha and Adi get close.

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