Jubilee Talkies 9th July 2024 Written Update

Jubilee Talkies 9th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Jubilee Talkies 9th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Tara asking Shivangi her story. Shivangi tells her everything. She says I thought to meet Ayaan and take his help, I couldn’t meet him, we stayed hungry and kept wandering, we didn’t leave, I got stubborn to meet Ayaan. Tara says I applaud your courage, you will get any help you want, but you have to listen to me, I choose you for AG. Shivangi is shocked and asks what do you want. Tara says I wanted someone like you for AG, like Sangam cinema is your dad’s dream, Ayaan is my dream. She smiles. Ray says I will get the pills, Ira will come back to senses in some time. Ira gets conscious. Ayaan asks are you okay, how could you do this. She says I know you love me and Tara, I want to give you peace, not suffering. He says this is not the way, I will die if anything happens to you, you are very special to me, I can’t live without you, never ever do this again. She agrees. Tara says Ayaan is a superstar, he is famous, he is rich, so many times people want to take an advantage of him, I worry that someone might brainwash him against his family. Shivangi says yes, apply black dot to him. Tara says I want you to become his shadow and be with him always, you will be his personal assistant, you will know everything about Ayaan and update me. Shivangi asks is this PA’s work. Tara nods. She asks do you like AG, you are his well-wisher, right. Shivangi nods. Tara says listen to me, his company isn’t good, he is simple, he comes in everyone’s words, I just want to protect him, won’t you help me, I m offering you a job, take it. Shivangi says I want a job, how much money… Tara says as much as you say. Shivangi says 35000rs. Tara says bargaining isn’t my style, 50000rs per month. Shivangi asks what. Tara asks is it less. Shivangi says no, done. Tara says good, start work from tomorrow, don’t talk about Sangam to Ayaan, I will talk to him when the right time comes. Shivangi thanks her.

Shivangi says dad was right, F for fearless, I have become AG’s personal assistant. She goes. Tara says Ira has taken Ayaan away, Shivangi told us that Ayaan went to Khandala, she will use her mind less and tell me about Ayaan, I will use her weakness. He asks can she stay in front of Ayaan. Ayaan asks the man to find about the article. Sandy asks him not to stress. He says you have to reach the sets. Ayaan asks are you mad, Ira tried to commit suicide, cancel the shooting. Shreya calls Sandy and says Tara has appointed a new PA for Ayaan, Shivangi…. Sandy gets hiccups. Ayaan asks what happened. Sandy drinks some water and takes medicines. He digests the news. Shivangi feeds medicines to Aai. She smiles. Aai asks what happened. Shivangi says M for magic, it happened with me, I m AG’s PA now. Aai is shocked. Shivangi and Aai dance. Raju comes and says Shivangi is saying nonsense. Shivangi says I m saying the truth. Raju says AG made you out of the sets. Shivangi says he didn’t appoint me. Sandy calls Raju and asks what did your niece do. Raju asks what happened. He says Tara appointed her Ayaan’s PA, ask her to be there on time, AG doesn’t like late comers. Raju smiles happily. She says sure. She congratulates Shivangi. Shivangi sings and dances. Raju says you both are amazing. Shivangi says 50000rs per month, we will get your pacemaker. Raju says wait, I hope Ayaan doesn’t get angry seeing you on sets tomorrow.

Ayaan comes home. He asks servant to make a drink. He calls Ira and asks are you okay, I can come and stay with you. She says I m fine, I can manage. He drinks. Servant gets food for him. He refuses. Dimple asks him to have food. He says I m okay, thanks. She asks how is Ira, I heard you talking to Ray. Ayaan says she is fine. Goldie comes and scolds Ayaan. Ayaan removes his jacket. He argues with Goldie and goes. Goldie asks how can he talk to me like this, I m a producer, make a drink for me. Dimple makes a drink. He sits to drink. He says now Tara has hired Shivangi, she will tell everything to Tara. Shivangi and Aai come to the sets. Sandy sees them. They show some attitude. Sandy introduces them to everyone. He says I want to give you a free advice, stay away from Ayaan, it will be good for you. Shivangi thinks to become the best PA.


Ayaan scolds Shivangi and says you made a big mistake

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