Kavya 9th July 2024 Written Update

Kavya 9th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Kavya 9th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Adi seeing the sonography report and crying. Anubha comes and thanks her. She says your wife tried best to get my posting done somewhere else. The man asks Seema to do something about the medicines. Seema asks him to find out. He says Kavya is coming at the check post tomorrow. She gets angry. She sees a conference flier. She says give time till tomorrow, the trucks will reach the place. Adi says Kavya isn’t like that, you may leave. Anubha sees the note and report. She asks what’s all this, is everything fine. He says my wife and child are threatened. She says I m with you, tell me, who gave this note, I will help you, I won’t let anything happen to your child, trust me. Seema comes and sees them.

She smiles. She says oops, I think I have come at a wrong time. Adi says no, please come in. Anubha says I will meet you later. She goes. Seema teases Adi about Anubha. She says Kavya’s posting is done in health dept, I want her to go to Delhi to attend this conference, I had gone to see her, she wasn’t in her room, she won’t agree, I know its more imp to focus on her health instead of work, you should also go with her, it will be your second honeymoon, you need it, right, I will get it sanctioned, don’t worry. She goes.

Secretary comes to Kavya and says I have a good news, you are going to Delhi for a conference. Kavya says I don’t know anything about it. He says its decided today. She says I have to go to Babua, many lives can end. He says I m giving you an order, you have to go and represent our state. She leaves and calls Adi. She says secretary is sending me to Delhi, do something, I don’t want to go. He says you are asking me to break rules. She says no, its wrong. The peon says car is ready to go to the airport, your bags have come from home. She goes to the car and sees Adi.

He says I m going to attend the same conference, Seema had some work, will you come or do I need to kidnap you. They leave in the car. She thinks I feel you are behind all this. The drivers wait at the check post. Seema calls them and says check post is now open, take the truck ahead. The truck leaves.

Adi and Kavya have lunch. She says I can’t tolerate mushroom smell, you have no time than planning all this. He asks are you serious, you think I gave the order to secretary, why would I do this. She says you want me not to go to Babua. He says I don’t want you to take risk, I m not responsible for every bad that happens in your life. He goes.

Shubh asks the peon for files. Peon says sorry, your engagement broke. Shubh says just give the files. Anubha comes and asks about Adi. The man says he has gone to Delhi. She asks why wasn’t I informed. He says Sir asked me not to disturb you for a few days. Anubha sees Shubh and argues. He says Kavya has gone to conference. She says Adi also went there. He gets Kavya’s call and smiles. Anubha calls Adi and asks about Delhi trip. He says you don’t need to worry. She says don’t treat me like I m sick. He says okay. She says I called to tell about motor bikers, I got the bike but the nameplate is fake. He thanks her. She says its my duty to protect you, you are very imp for the country. He thanks her and says I will talk later, take care. She says I m saying what I have seen, Shubh is single now, please stay alert about Shubh and Kavya, when Kavya calls him, he gets a smile, he is happy. Adi asks did Kavya call him. She says yes, he is talking to her. Adi sees Kavya on call. He goes to Kavya and asks whose call is it. Kavya says I m talking to dad, stay here, I will wash my face and come. She goes. Anubha says Kavya thinks she will snatch my love and I won’t do anything. Kavya asks how can this happen, Shubh, how did the truck pass. Shubh says check post was removed. She says I was sent here deliberately. He asks did Adi do this. She says no, he won’t do this, no one should know about our talks on this matter. He asks what shall we do now. She says go to Babua and check what is going on, find out if the medicines that reached there is fake or genuine. She ends the call. Adi asks did you talk to dad. She says yes, he was busy, why do you want to know everything, He asks why do you want to hide. She says you are talking like you didn’t hide anything. He asks her to come, conference is going to start.

Shubh comes to check the medicines. The man sees him and informs Seema. She tells him something to do. Its morning, Kavya and Adi come home. Malini hugs them. Adi asks why are you worried. Kavya says I m calling Shubh, don’t know where is he, he isn’t answering. He says you shouldn’t care. She says I have sent him by my work. She checks the news. He says you do desk job. She reads the news. He asks what. She says I have sent Shubh there. She cries.

Adi sees Kavya with Shubh. They argue. Anubha and Adi get close.

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