Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 31st January 2018 Written Update

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 31st January 2018 Written Update by Amena

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 31st January 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rahul shouting Preeti and Minty. Everyone gets shocked seeing Rahul alive. Thakur says Lord did justice by snatching Rahul’s family and teaching him a lesson. He provokes Rahul. Rahul shouts shut up, tell me where are they. Thakur pushes Rahul and points gun at him. He says we know you have made the idol cry, this is the result of it, no one will help Rahul. Everyone leaves. Rahul cries. Gauri dreams of Kaal Bhairav. She sees Soumya crying and writing a writing on the wall. Kaal Bhairav comes to Soumya. Pujari and Kalavati bring Gauri home and wake her up. She shouts Soumya, I was finding Rahul. She says I have seen in dream, Preeti and Minty are in big trouble, I went to see them, I saw Kaal Bhairav and Shuvaan inside their house, I couldn’t go in, I have to go

to Rahul. Pujari cries and says Rahul is fine, but Preeti and Minty are taken by Lord. She gets shocked. Rahul beats up the man and asks him to please tell about Preeti and Minty.

Aditya says Gauri has seen Kaal Bhairav taking Preeti and Minty. Namrata says Rahul will be so worried. Rahul and Gauri come home. She asks him did he find Preeti and Minty. Rahul cries and recalls Preeti and Minty. She consoles him. He hugs their pic and says I have sent them to death. She says no. He says I made the idol cry so that I can find the mystery, but see what happened, what will I do now, I will die, I couldn’t keep my promise to Inder.

He says you stayed inside temple and came back safe, ask your Lord about them, where are they. She says Lord will answer us, come. She takes him to temple. Pujari consoles Anand. He cleans the temple. Gauri prays. She says I have seen a dream, Lord is giving me signs, like he wants to tell me something, I don’t understand, I have seen Soumya writing something on the temple wall, don’t know what. They check the walls. He says your dream turns true, this will also be true. She says yes, I have seen getting you in temple today. He gets shocked and asks Gauri to come. They see something written. He reads, we all are alive, Soumya….. He says when Soumya was writing her name, it looks like someone has dragged her. She gets the stone and says she has written with this stone, I have seen this in dream. He says Lord is giving you signs to direct us, I don’t believe that Lord is doing everything in temple, some power is helping you and me too, it means the people who disappeared are alive, and the red soil is under the temple, Soumya has came here by the same way as Kaal Bhairav and Shuvaan comes, she is taken back, we have to find that way. Anand looks on.

Anand enters the temple and calls out Soumya. The man gets free and escapes. Rahul, Aditya and Namrata hide and look on.

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