Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st January 2018 Written Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st January 2018 Written Update by Tanaya

Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st January 2018 Written Episode

The episode starts with ganesh and all gods together. Kartikeya leads everyone. Next morning, the battle starts. All armies are ready. As the army of gods are ready, suddenly 5 demons come from the palace running outside. The gods army panics and runs here and there. Ganesh says our soldiers are scattering, these demons are creating a panic situation for us. Kartikeya says yes, it can foil our plans. Ganesh says brother we have to fight those demons, kartikeya attacks an arrow on one demon, the demon dies. Ganesh says I will help you brother, with his trunk he holds a flying demon and brings him crashing down on the ground. The demon dies. Kartikeya says I will use my spear. Another huge demon comes on his lion running towards kartikeya, kartikeya this time jumps in air, all gods look amazingly.

Kartikeya shoots his spear at the demon, the spear pierces the demon and he is thrown away in air with his lion.
Kartikeya and ganesh come back. The army is set. Andhkasura sends his army with his special demons leading them and his commander. Ganesh says brother kartikeya andhkasura had a plan too as we expected, we will have to defeat his army and demons before we lure him towards us. Kartikeya says yes you are right brother. Kartikeya says vayu dev, agni dev and varun dev, you all take on those 2 demons, one of them can run very fast and the other is immensely powerful and has many hands, I know these demons. Kartikeya says indra dev you fight that other demon who is very strong, I will take on the commander with ganesh. Ganesh says yes brother. Kartikeya says har har mahadev. All gods say har har mahadev. Vayu dev and agni dev say, devraj indra, we all gods don’t have our Shakti as well as our shree, mata laxmi! How will we fight? Indra dev says you are right vayu dev, but we are fighting to free mata laxmi from andhkasura, so we have to! Everyone agree. There the commander says demons, it will be our win, fight as you can. Andhkasura says they have amrit then we have mrit sanjeevani knowledge.
Kartikeya says har har mahadev and says everyone, attack! Indra dev says attack! There commander of demons says attack! All army of gods attack, the demon army attack. Everyone fight. Ganesh and kartikeya go and attack the commander as nandi fights another powerful demon.
Vayu dev and agni dev fight the demon who runs fast, the demon removes arrows and shoots on agni dev. agni dev dodges and in return attacks with his fire on the demon.,tridev watch over the battle.
As everyone fight, total gadsar challenges a demon, the demon says a common gan like you will fight me? Gadsar says yes. Indra dev comes and says no I will fight you evil demon. Gadsar goes.
There kartikeya and ganesh fight a demon who becomes very huge in size. Kartikeya steps back and gets ready with his spear. The demon kicks kartikeya behind. Ganesh says are you fine brother? Kartikeya says yes brother, we have to kill him, I will use my arrow. Kartikeya jumps and then shoots 5 arrows into the demons chest, the demon dies. Ganesh says now even he is killed.
There rishi shokararcharya prays and says I wont let any of my demons die this time, the demons will win. The demon gets up again behind kartikeya. Kartikeya says to ganesh, how did he get up? There is something not right here. Ganesh says yes brother but don’t worry. Ganesh uses his trunk and holds the demons legs. Ganesh then pulls him and the demon falls down, kartikeya uses a lightning weapon and cuts the head of the demon.
Indra dev is thrown away by the demon he fights. All gods struggle as they fight powerful demons.

Precap: ganesh asks tridev how are the gods loosing? Why isn’t their strength matching the demons? The gods are very powerful. Brahma dev says it is happening because mata Shakti and their shree is not here, devi laxmi has to be freed otherwise the gods may lose.

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