Ikyawann 31st January 2018 Written Update

Ikyawann 31st January 2018 Written Update by Tanaya

Ikyawann 31st January 2018 Written Episode

Kali tells Vijay and Vishu that she smelled Gulabjal and then she started feeling weird. Susheel, Darika prepare khichdi. Sejal helps them. Mehul reaches home. Vijay tells Mehul that Satya’s rituals are completed. Leela asks Mehul to apply haldi to Satya. Satya is furious. Mehul applies haldi to Satya. Meanwhile, Satya stands saying that his clothes got dirty and he is going to change. He gets up and pushes Mehul. Mehul falls in the haldi and his shirt gets stained. Satya taunts Mehul. Leela asks Satya to clean his stains. Jhano comes to the kitchen and adds poison to the khichdi and the bottle falls down. Everyone get seated for the food. Bakhe asks Susheel to get the pickle while Susheel finds poison there. Mehul and Satya go upstairs. Meanwhile, Kiran comes out and Satya stops her. Mehul is shocked to see Kiran’s condition. Mehul gets emotional looking at Kiran’s condition. Sejal was about to eat the khichdi while Susheel comes and stops her. Susheel throws away the plates. Jhano looks at her secretly. No one believes Susheel.
Satya comes and tells Mehul that he must have thought that Kiran must have got married after his rejection and is shocked to see her mental state. Satya tells that he was very angry at first. Later he learned that her condition is because of him. Susheel goes to show the bottle to everyone but Jhano has already taken it away. Jhano takes the video. Satya asks Mehul to not attend Susheel’s wedding. Satya requests him while Mehul is emotional.

Mehul tells Satya that he won’t come for the wedding. Satya tells Leela about it. Leela is happy.

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