Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 5th July 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 5th July 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 5th July 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Bhavani cries. Virat says everything will be fine. know you didn’t forgive me. Bhavnai says you need rest. Go home.

Harsh comes to Isha’s house. She asks are you okay? come in. He says I am with my family in everything but they never support me. I just want to be alone. He hugs him and says I can’t see you live this. Priyanka hears all this. She says now everything will go as per my plan. Isha says I can’t see you sad like this. He says I just love my sister a lot. I told her I won’t be upset with her. I hurt her again. She says I understand you. Harsh sits with her. She rests her head on his shoulder.

Priyanka asks Virat where were you? Let me know when you want to go anywhere. Deepika makes fun of Priyanka that she was kicked out of the pooja for her black saree. Virat says in his heart Amruta prayed for me and did fast for me.

Amruta is worried about harshness. She says he might have gone to a friend. Priyanka sets her things in Virat’s room. Isha gives harsh something. He becomes unconscious. She puts him in beg and makes him shirtless. Virat says to Amruta I am sorry. I have hurt you a lot. She says I don’t know what to do. She says my brother isn’t a thief. I don’t know why is all this happening. I feel like I am losing something. Virat holds her hand.

Scene 2
Isha calls in her fake parents. She says he is the guy. Just do things as per the plan. She texts Priyanka Plan is on.

Virat says my hand is under your hand. if anything falls I will catch it. Amruta comes. Virat gives her water. he asks why did you fast for me? Sh says Dildar was worried. He says I know you fasted for me. I know some Maharashtra rituals too. He makes her drink the water. Hee asks did you eat? Is this how you break the fast? He makes her eat.

Scene 3
Bhavani is worried about Harsh. She gets a call from a man. He says your son is arrested. Bhavani is shocked. She asks why. He says your son misbehaved with a girl. Bhavani faints. She screams Jahan Amruta. Jahan asks what happened. Bhavani tells her everything. Amruta comes home. she says Harsh can’t do this. Bhavani panics. Amrtua says let’s go to the police station.

Priyanka looks for Virat. he says what are you doing in my room? Stay in your limit. She says it’s our room. He says we’re divorced. I don’t buy your drama. I know how much you can lie. You’re a no-one to me. This room and I are not yours. You’re the trash here. Get out now. Priyanka says are you in love with that Amruta? Shekhar says Virat’s lawyer is here. Virat leaves. Priyanka says we replaced the papers with signs with black paper. I had to come here. I’ve nowhere to go.

Scene 4
Amruta comes to the police station. Inspector says her name is Isha. Her parents claimed that he tried to misbehave with her. isha is his friend. He went to her place. Harsh says it’s a lie. They say isha’s parents saw her crying. Harsh says she told me her parents arent home and after that, I fainted. why are you lying? Isha says sir I thought Harsh is a good guy. I felt bad for him. He didn’t want to go home so I didn’t ask him. I didn’t know he’d behave with me this way. He had a fight with his sister. Harsh says nothing happened. She is lying. Amruta says I understand it’s a serious aaccsaution. Can I talk to my brother once? Harsh says I didn’t do anything. I am very sorry. Please trust me. He says I swear on you she is just a good friend. I never crossed any limit

Episode ends

Precap: Bhavani requestsa police inspector to talk to her son at her home. The inspector says your son is accused of a serious crime, forget about bringing him out. Amruta says if Harsh is lying then I’ll personally tell the police about him but if he is not lying then I promise to bring the truth in front of everyone.

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