Kundali Bhagya 5th July 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 5th July 2024 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 5th July 2024 Written Episode

Shaurya says that Dad has left for his business trip so he can say and a lot of people might feel really bad after it, but the good news is that they were very excited and over confident that they would get it and people congratulated them before the meeting even started because they are the Luthra’s who have such a big turnover and market size, and this is why they got the business so in this industry people start asking how they always get the tender but this year they have got the biggest shock rather have lost the biggest tender and they lost it with just one rupee, Shaurya says the Singhania’s who have won it had filed a quotation with just one rupee lower which means they lost it, Nidhi asks Shaurya to say it clearly as they cannot understand it, Shaurya says there is someone in the company who is working against them and leaking their quotation otherwise how could Singhania find it, Mahesh asks if Shaurya is saying that someone from their company is working against them, Mahesh says it is not possible as they revised the quotation and only three people knew of it, Shaurya says he is saying Rajveer is the one who did it and is against their company, Palki asks Shaurya to not talk like this for Rajveer, Shaurya says he does not care for anyone but is going to his house with the police, Shaurya says that he along with his Dad and Grandfather would never leak it but only Rajveer could do it so Shaurya furiously leaves, Palki tries to contact Rajveer but wonders why can she not reach him, the entire Luthra family is worried.

Karan is sitting with Preeta in the back seat when preeta asks if Karan believes in Bhagwan, he says he cannot understand it so Preeta replies she suddenly asked the question but then asks if he believes in Bhagwan, karan replies he indeed believes in Bhagwan and sometimes thinks Bhagwan is the one who made such a big universe while if anyone can change their fate then only Bhagwan can do it. Preeta asks if something has happened in his life in which he got something after losing it first, Karan looking at Preeta recalls how he met her after twenty years, Karan replied there was a time when he thought he would never be able to meet her but then after twenty years she was standing in front of her and if it is not a miracle then what is it, Preeta says that he lost someone twenty years ago and then karan asks why is Preeta asking all these questions from him, she replies he said he is trusting in Bhagwan which is why something magical happened to him and it might happen even in the future as the deal which he lost today, who knows he might be able to get it back. Karan says Preeta is always by his side and she should talk about hope as they have peace, Preeta replies she cannot understand it, Karan replies that hope has peace and there is one in which they feel it would happen as she is saying it all can happen but he does not feel it is possible, however who knows there might something magical in his life again. The driver stopping the car says the air port has arrived, Karan asks him to safety drop Preeta back home while asking her to take care of herself, she says even he should be careful.

Rajveer opens the door when Shaurya enters the house, Shaurya says Rajveer should say how much loss the company has suffered, Rajveer replies they will figure out something and he should not be tensed, Shaurya says that Rajveer is asking him to not be tensed and what is he saying they will cover it or would they bring back the project, Rajveer asks Shaurya to calm down as he is panicking a lot but Shaurya says Rajveer must be the one to panic since he was the the one heading this project, Rajveer says he has witnessed the life and it is very unpredictable so Shaurya says that the entire business world know they would win this project but Rajveer requests Shaurya to accept his advice as an elder brother that they will win even more projects and earn a lot of money, Shaurya asks why is Rajveer doing it to them but Rajveer says they just lost it however Shaurya asks why is Rajveer ruining their business when the inspector knocks on the door asking if he is Rajveer arora, then Shaurya also introduces himself so blames that Rajveer is the one involved int his scam as he took money to leak the quotations of the company.

Rajveer asks if Shaurya has lost his mind but Shaurya warns Rajveer to not think of him as the younger brother and blames Rajveer for leaking the quotations. Inspectors orders his constable to search the entire house when Rajveer says they can do whatever they desire, Palki comes asking where was Rjaveer all this time then the inspector asks Rajveer to show his room, Palki coming to Shaurya says they all know the truth that Rajveer did not give any quotation to the rival company and she asks why is Shaurya standing here when he should go and talk to the inspector, they are searching the room of Rajveer and as they are searching his wardrobe then are able to find the money hidden in it, Inspector orders him to seize all of the money, Shaurya replies they found it in his wardrobe but does he own it, Inspector says that Rajveer is being blamed for leaking the business quotation of the Luthra company but Rajveer tries to deny it, inspector says that if they found the money in his wardrobe then he owns them, Inspector places Rajveer under arrest and take him away while palki is trying to plead for his innocence, Shaurya says this is fun. Inspector replies now law would decide who put the money there, Palki requests the Inspector to give them some time and Shaurya replies that Palki would plead for his innocence but he is aware of the salary of Rajveer who can never save so much money, Shaurya says Mr Singhania called to inform them that Rajveer called them and he asks what is the Inspector going to do, either listen to the story of Palki or Rajveer and he says that Palki is the fiance of Rajveer so she would trust him while Rajveer is just going to plead for his innocence, Shaurya says he found out that Inspector is the best at his job so he should take Rajveer away, Shaurya says he is very furious at Rajveer and hearing this Rajveer mentions he has understood that Shaurya is the one who trapped him. Palki leaves with Rajveer when the reporters say that the employee of the Luthra industry has done a very big scam, Palki is following them when the media blame Rajveer for deceiving the Luthra family, Shaurya says if Palki has lost her mind because the respect of Daljeet would be ruined so he suggests that she should break the relation with Rajveer. Shanaya is able to stop palki but Rajveer says she would get hurt however she keeps walking after the van, Shaurya tells Daljeet that Rajveer has done a very big scam, Daljeet asks what did he do when Shaurya says his father trusted Rajveer a lot but he gave the details to the rival company who won the project which Rajveer had done for just money, Daljeet asks how does Shaurya know of it, Shaurya replies the police found money in his almirah and they are aware he could not save it, Daljeet says Rajveer did not do the right thing, Shaurya asks her to explain something to palki as their respect would be ruined and it will cause a lot of problem for them, Shaurya says Daljeet must convince Palki as she is madly in love with Rajveer.

Palki while crying exclaims it is wrong and how can she save Rajveer, she thinks of calling Preeta jee.

Preeta is in the car when she gets the call from Palki who informs her that the police have arrested Rajveer and taken him away, Preeta asks the driver to drop her at the Bandra police station, Preeta says Rajveer would not have done anything wrong so assures she is coming, Palki is very emotional and stops the auto. Shaurya thinks that now Rajveer would be vanished from the business world and all of his identity would be ruined but that there was someone who deceived the Luthra’s and he can do it with anyone, everyone will start hating him and slowly no one will remember him but think of him as the one who just played with the emotions of everyone, Sandy says they need to celebrate on ti, Shaurya starts drinking with Sandy telling him that he felt nice after seeing Rajveer get arrested today and felt like he has taken the revenge for all the things, when Rajveer used to win each and every time and he lost because no one was by his side, and he was all alone. Nidhi asks Shaurya what has happened as Arohi came and this was the first thing she asked as what did Shaurya do but she also got a bit tensed, Shaurya replies that Rajveer has been locked up hearing which Nidhi gets excited.

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