Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 6th June 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 6th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 6th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1
Harsh says to Amruta why didn’t you stop him? You should have told me at least. Bhavani cries. Jayesh says what were you doing there? Couldn’t you stop him? Were you just enjoying it? don’t cry adn do this drama. You never do anything. You’re useless. Dildar says stop it. Quiet, please. No one will say anything. He says Virat you foreceully married Amruta? He says yes Dad. Dildar says how can you do that? Do you even know what marriage means? Babita says Abhiraj take me from here. Virat says, Mom. She leaves. Dildar says the wedding isn’t a joke. He says what about what she did? She left my mom to die. Now her life will be a joke. Her dreams will die now.

Bhavani takes Amruta to the terrace. Jahan gives her water. Jayesh says was that all drama? Doing wedding rituals? What is all this? She has a sindur now? Did she go to that festival to get married? He says who gave you the right to embarrass me? Bhavani says shut up. With what right are you asking her these questions? You abandon us. Go from here. He says I am their father. She kept your name but she is still a Jignesh. He says I was so proud of the fact that she’s my daughter. But today the world is spitting on me because of her. Amruta says I didn’t do anything. I am the victim here. Harsh says and we won’t bow down to the wrong. We will answer them back. Jayesh says I will break your face. Sit here and shut up. Harsh says why should I? Jayesh says because I am your father. Shut up. Dildar comes there and says I am Amruta’s father-in-law. I want to talk to my daughter-in-law. You better go from here. Dildar says to Amruta don’t worry. I will fix everything. She says no. Don’t do anything. I made the mistake I trusting the wrong person. Now I will fix everything. I need to meet someone. She leaves.

Scene 2
Babita asks Kavita you were there too? She says I was scared he’d kill someone, he was so angry. Virat says I would. I could have lost my mom because of her today. Babita says is very clever. Nimirt says the lawyer is here. Amruta collides with Virat when he comes out.

The lawyer says Amruta Jignesh. Virat says Amruta Ahuja. Amruta says I am Amruta Bhavani Jignesh. 4 pheras do not count as a wedding. Virat says the wedding is done even if you agree or not. Amruta says here are the divorce papers. Sign these and get rid of all this. Virat throws them away. Amruta picks them up and brings them away. She says I was threten to do this wedding. Sign these and let me be free. Jahan says I was stupid that I prayed for Amruta to get married to this guy. Virat says I will sign them. You would never get rid of all this now. Babita says what’s wrong with you Virat. She says Virat, please. Virat says Mom, please..He says Mom, please. I am doing the right thing. She deserves this. I won’t end this wedding. The lawyer says any wedding done by force is discarded by the court. Virat says I won’t sign it. You can consider whatever you want. He leaves. The lawyer says don’t worry. I will get a summon from the court. Amruta says thank you.

Dildar says to Jayesh please go to your home. Dildar says sorry Amruta. It’s all my daughter. What happened was so wrong. Amruta leaves. Babita says why did you say sorry? He says this because our son has embarrassed us today. She says what about what she did to me? He says I am sure Amruta harm you. She can’t do this. Babita says I could die. Kavita says she was fighting for her life. Bebe says I cried so much. he says I was equally scared but Amruta didn’t do this for sure. That child can never do that. I know her very well. She saved Virat every time. She defended you when you were accused of stealing Jahan’s house. You always think badly of her. You can’t accuse her of this. Bebe says stop it. Babita come and rest. She’s done some magic on him. Dildar says is a girl like our daughter. Would you still be silent? I’d shatter that guy. Our son is that guy now. Have some humanity. What Virat has done is shameful and we should all be embarrassed.

Scene 3
Virat breaks things in anger in his room. He says I won’t let you get rid of me Amruta. You will pay for what you did. Amruta cries in her room. She recalls what happened. Harsh says we have all the ripoffs. We can get this wedding discarded. He will be arrested. Bhavani says I am tired of cases, courts, and jails. I can’t take this anymore. I want everything to be okay like before. Harsh says we have to fix everything. Think about her. We can’t let this happen to Amruta.

Episode ends

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