Rab Se Hai Dua 6th June 2024 Written Update

Rab Se Hai Dua 6th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Rab Se Hai Dua 6th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Ibadat begs the family to help her, Subhan comes there and says I will go with you to get Mannat back. Kaynaat says why? she eloped and left you at the alter. He says I know she has hurt me but I loved her, and she is a girl so I can’t let anything wrong happen with her. I don’t to hurt the family more so I am going to save her. He goes with Armaan and Ibadat

Farhan calls a client and asks if he liked the girl? the client Sheikh says yes she is very pretty. Farhan asks for 1 crore to sell Mannat and Sheikh agrees.

Mannat is trying to cook but burns food. The doorbell rings and Mannat opens it to find Ibadat there with Subhan. Subhan asks where is Farhan? Ibadat asks Mannat if she is okay? lets go back home, everyone is worried. Mannat asks if she has gone crazy? this is my life now. I am going to live and die with Farhan now. Ibadat says do you have any idea what he is up to? he is going to sell you to some cheap man. Mannat is shocked hearing that. Ibadat says don’t worry, I am here to take you back. Mannat says shut up.. don’t you dare say anything else against Farhan. I have had enough of you. Armaan comes there and says Ibadat is right, he is going to sell you off, lets go from here. Mannat says wow.. you changed your party suddenly? I am not leaving so get lost. Armaan says Farhan is very dangerous, lets go. Mannat tells them to get lost, I came here on my own so leave me alone.

Nigar tells Gulnaz that Mannat has cheated us all, she played us all. Gulnaz says Mannat is a fool to trust that cheap Farhan, she doesn’t understand how dangerous that guy is. I don’t like Mannat but I am worried about her. She will pay for her mistakes.

Scene 2

Farhan meets up with the client and says he has the best piece, I am going to show you the girl. He looks through the window and sees Ibadat with Mannat. He tells the client that he can’t show them the girl. The client says it will be bad as you wasted our time. Farhan says I will give the girl to you soon, just give me some time. Sheikh gives him time and leaves.

Kaynaat brings their passports to Hafeez and says we need to go back to London, this house has brought so much pain to our son. We have to take Subhan away before he falls in love with Mannat again. Hafeez says I understand your anger but we came back because we love this country. Kaynaat says your sister and her daughters have destroyed my son’s life, I am telling to just book the tickets.

Ibadat tells Mannat that please trust her, Farhan is going to destroy you. Mannat says I will not come back with you. Subhan says she won’t listen but she has to come back with us. Mannat says don’t you dare touch me. Subhan says you have to go back with us, he grabs her and starts taking her away but Farhan comes there and grabs her, he says leave my wife alone. Ibadat says shut up. Farhan says we are going to get married soon. Subhan is about to hit him but the police arrive there. Mannat thinks they must be here for Farhan. The inspector says Farhan called us here. The flashback shows how he called the police and complained. The inspector tells Subhan that Farhan complained you are forcing his wife. Ibadat says he eloped with the girl. Farhan says Mannat is my wife. The inspector asks Mannat. Ibadat says please don’t take his side, he is not a good man, he wants to destroy you. Subhan says listen to her please. Mannat looks on.

The episode ends.

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