Mishri 8th July 2024 Written Update

Mishri 8th July 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Mishri 8th July 2024 Written Episode

Mishri refuses to marry, and Grandma tries to convince her. Mishri says she wants to stay with Grandma to take care of her. Bela insists she must marry, as it’s traditional for girls to go to their in-laws’ house after the wedding. Meanwhile, Vani impresses Raghav by wearing a saree. She tells him that he has done many things for her, and she wanted to impress him. She also shares that she met a girl who called her “didi” and reminded her of her sister, Meenu. Raghav, feeling happy, shares that a big problem in his family was resolved today, uniting them again. Kalpana overhears Vani’s conversation with Raghav and opens the room. Mishri agrees to marry the person chosen by Bela.

Kalpana then questions Vani about wearing a saree since she usually doesn’t like them. Vani lies, saying she got a project and was watching a video. Kalpana tells her to eat some fruit and leaves. Vani confides in Raghav that she is lying to her mom and hasn’t even told him her address. Raghav suggests introducing her to his family at a party they are having tomorrow, making Vani happy. He flirts with her, lifting her spirits.

Mishri tells Grandma she doesn’t want to leave her, but Grandma insists she wants to see Mishri fulfill her dreams and be happy in a good family. Mishri worries she won’t be able to take care of Grandma after the wedding, but Grandma reassures her. Meanwhile, Shakti threatens to leave the house, but Bela ignores him, focusing on her plans. When Shakti asks who the groom is, Bela admits she doesn’t know him, revealing that the priest accidentally swapped horoscopes, and she took advantage of the mistake. Bela plans for Shakti to marry Mishri if the groom doesn’t show up on the wedding day, which makes Shakti happy.

Grandma prays for Raghav to be a good match for Mishri and hopes he takes her from the house. Meanwhile, Vani prepares a special dinner for her parents, who praise her cooking. Her father steps out to take a phone call. Kalpana gives Vani a nice dress, informing her they are attending a party tomorrow. Vani is shocked to hear they will be going to Sulekha’s house and expresses her frustration, saying that her relationship with her father has been strained because of them. Kalpana explains that she wants to give them a chance, but Vani refuses to attend the party.

Grandpa tells Parvathi he shouldn’t have stopped revealing the truth to Raghav, but Parvathi defends Kalpana, saying she felt betrayed and wasn’t wrong. He reassures her that she shouldn’t blame herself. Later, Raghav arranges everything for the party. Ranjith returns and ignores Supriya. Mishri takes Grandma to the temple, promising to fulfill her duties after the wedding. She expresses a desire to meet Raghav before the wedding, which Shakti and Bela overhear.

Precap: Vaani on call with her mom says everyone wants to meet you. Vaani ignore and sp doesn’t see Raghav. Mishri excited to meet Raghav.

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