Mera Balam Thanedaar 9th July 2024 Written Update

Mera Balam Thanedaar 9th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Mera Balam Thanedaar 9th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bulbul coming to Dhristi and says just as I came to know, I came running here, with my Bulbul sena. Vayu, Varnika, Vani and Vyom come there calling Dhristi and asking if she is fine. Vayu tells Veer that he asked Dhruv to send some constables and he agreed. He says he will give protection to Dhristi and asks them to go to Tarang program. Varnika says Dhristi makes tasty food, and she will make tasty food for us also. Bulbul says yes, Maasa had praised her cooking skills, and she is best at games too. Vani plays with Dhristi and makes them fall down. Bulbul tells Dhristi that she can’t tell anything to her family members, and asks them to take cae of Dhristi. They take off bad sight from Bulbul and Veer. Bulbul says my family is the best and asks Veer to come.

Commissioner talks to his wife. He sees Champa and Chameli serving the drinks to the guests. He asks you are here. They tell that they have joined the women organization with Veer and Bulbul’s help, and they have come here to help on Bulbul’s sayings. Chameli says why Bulbul haven’t come till now. Commissioner says they will not come. Dhruv told that they are busy. He asks someone to strike Veer and Bulbul’s name from the competition, but Bulbul comes there and says they will participate. She hugs and meets Champa and Chameli. She then meets Commissioner’s wife. The anchor starts anchoring the competition and says for the first round, he will ask questions about the Kargil.

Varnika says we can see the program sitting here. Bulbul answers first two answers right, and then others answers too. She asks him to answer any of the question else they will lose. Dhristi thinks she shall become statue. They all say statue. The anchor tells that Veer and Dhruv’s team get 4 ball each and says there is a tie, so the question is how many people are fought the kargil war. Veer says 30000 soldiers. Bulbul says wrong answer and tells that even their families had fought the war, you didn’t count them. She says the family members was fighting with their fears of losing them, and they lost them, how can we forget their courage and sacrifice. Commissioner praises Bulbul. Varnika says well said Chachi. Champa says you have won, you said right. Bulbul wins the first round and tells Veer. The Anchor asks them to get ready for the second round. Champa and Chameli ask Bulbul to get ready and make her eat something. Bulbul asks Veer to eat golgappa and prove his love for the country. He refuses to eat it and asks her to concentrate on the next round. The second round begins. The Anchor assigns the task of tying the flower garland in Indian flag colors. Bulbul says she will do it in 2 mins. The Anchor tells that there is a twist, they will be blind folded. All the couples start making the garland in the order given by the Anchor while being blind folded. Bulbul holds Veer’s hand and says it is hard. He says it is his hand. They continue making the garland. Veer’s finger gets hurt, and Bulbul sucks his finger. All the couples win the second round. Bulbul says we did it. Veer doesn’t reply to her.

Precap: For the next round, husband is asked to make his wife eat the clove. Veer keeps the clove in between his teeth and comes near Bulbul.

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