Krishna Mohini 25th June 2024 Written Update

Krishna Mohini 25th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Krishna Mohini 25th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the inspector talking to the doctor. He says its good, Mohan has run away, he wasn’t doing a good thing. Krishna says he wasn’t doing a wrong thing. Anuradha says its not wrong, I run a NGO who supports people like us. He says you might have shown this dream to him. Kundan asks Sid what were you talking, where are you going. Sid says you think I m a killer and running away, we are going to London for Akshay’s surprise bachelors party. He calls his friend Viren and asks him about the London trip. He ends call. He says I will come after a few weeks, I want to go away from this drama. Kundan says fine, inform me after reaching there. Sid says thank God, I had given a hint to Viren. Anuradha asks how can you arrest me. Inspector says we are taking you for interrogation. Aryaman says its not her mistake, Mohan left alone, she wasn’t with him. Inspector says don’t get in their matter, you will get defamed. Krishna says sorry Aryaman, you are getting stuck in this matter. Aryaman says Mohan is imp than my respect. Inspector says we will see what to do. He asks doctor to give him cctv footage. He asks Aryaman to send Mohan’s pic to him. Aryaman says my phone is off, I forgot, family would be worried.

Dadi and everyone plan Aryaman’s birthday party. Rajshri asks Dhanya to get the cake. Dadi asks did he say, where was he at night. Rajshri says no, his phone was off, he said he will come home and talk. Dadi says we have to make him happy, he will like the birthday surprise. Isha says yes. Aryaman comes home. Everyone surprises him and wish him happy birthday. Aryaman sees the cake and decorations. Krishna comes there. Isha says Krishna has come back. Krishna cries. Dadi asks what happened to you, why are you crying. Krishna hugs her. Pia gets water. Aryaman says Mohan is missing, we think he has run away. Meghna laughs and says sorry, but Krishna left the house for Mohan and he left Krishna, do they have a habit to run away. Rajshri asks why did he run away and where did you keep him. Rajshri says you don’t worry for us, you were finding Mohan all night, you didn’t think of your mum and family, you didn’t call us. Dadi asks her to let it be. Aryaman says police is looking for him. Kundan and Ketan come. Anshuman says Mohan has run away. Kundan says police has also become a part of our life now, Aryaman, Krishna and Mohan keep running away. Meghna taunts. Aryaman says don’t taunt Krishna, she is already worried, she will stay here until we find Mohan. Rajshri asks are you thinking about them, what about your birthday preparations we did. Aryaman says come, happy birthday to me. He ruins the cake. He asks happy now?

Rajshri asks what happened to you, you are misbehaving because of this girl. He says no, you think, her brother is lost, we are worried, shall I celebrate my birthday, if Ansh goes missing then what would you do. She shouts Arya…

Aryaman says I thought to come home and think about the matter, but another drama is going on here. He asks Krishna to rest in the room. He says I will go to police station and find out about Mohan. He asks Dhanya to send food to Krishna’s room. He takes Krishna to the room. Krishna thinks of Mohan and cries. Aryaman hugs her and consoles. He says if anything happens to you then I can’t live. Dhanya gets the food. She asks Aryaman to go and take rest. He says no need, keep the food and go away. Dhanya goes.

Krishna says you couldn’t celebrate your birthday. He says you are talking like Rajshri, have the food. She says I can’t eat food. He asks how will you scold Mohan when you find him, eat the food. He feeds her the food. She thinks of Mohan. She says he has no money, how will he eat food. He says relax. She says until he comes back, I can’t have food.

Krishna gets saree for Mohan. She says I will earrings for you, you will look lovely, I got gifts for you as you like, you want to become a girl. Mohan says but its two, why. She says we will wear it on the same day. He hugs her. Aryaman wakes her up. Her dream ends. She asks about Mohan. He asks her to get ready.

At the morgue, Aryaman asks why did you call us here. Inspector says we have found a dead body, the boy is of Mohan’s age, just see if he is Mohan. Krishna says no, he isn’t Mohan, he will come back. He says we got these clothes, shoes and id card, it matches his clothes in the cctv footage. Aryaman checks the id card. Inspector says face got spoiled in the accident, any marks of identification can help. Krishna laughs and says Mohan is troubling me, I know him. She calls out Mohan. She asks him to come to her. Aryaman holds her. She says this isn’t Mohan, I know. She cries. Constable comes and says autopsy report has come, body is of Mohan Joshi. Aryaman hugs Krishna. She faints in his arms. Aryaman cries.

The episode ends

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