Suhaagan 25th June 2024 Written Update

Suhaagan 25th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Suhaagan 25th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Swara crying and bending her head infront of Mata Rani. Mata Rani makes the flower fall down on her head. She realises and gets up to see the flower, and doesn’t see Veant’s pic still. She smiles at Mata Rani. Rudra Pratap tells Baldev that they shall not fix the marriage until Swara agrees. Dhwani thinks Swara will disagree and then this old man shall choose me. Swara sees Vedant’s photo in Rudra Pratap’s phone kept there and gets happy and thankful to Ambe Maa. She folds her hands and runs to inform her decision. Rudra Pratap waits for Swara. Dhwani thinks where is Swara. Swara comes there and returns phone to Rudra Pratap. Dhwani thinks she will now touch his feet and will do emotional drama and will nod her head to say no. Swara touches Rudra Pratap’s feet and then shyly nods her head in agreement, shocking Dhwani. Shlok says Swara agreed. Dhwani gets angry. Baldev asks Sudha to bring sweets. Sudha goes. Dhwani tells Swara that her love turned out to be fake, and tells that poor guy must be waiting for your text and you sold your love. Swara laughs and signs her that showing Vedant’s photo that he is Rudra Pratap’s son.

Dhwani is shocked to know that the guy whom she thought as poor, turned out to be rich guy. She thinks he likes me and I gifted him to this silencer. Koel asks Rudra Pratap, you went for Naina’s alliance and fixed Vedant’s alliance with Baldev ji’s daughter, and asks what did you do? Rudra says he did it for his son’s betterment. Vedant thinks of Dhwani. Koel says time has changed and tells that he shall ask Vedant’s consent. Vedant agrees to marry thinking she is Baldev’s grand daughter. Rudra Pratap tells that the girl is really good. Koel says she is upset that her consent is not asked. Rudra Pratap says all the ladies can go taking Naina’s shagun and meet the girl.

Sudha gives sweets to Dhwani, but Dhwani throws the box and tells that the guy was interested in her, but she thought him poor. She says if she had shown interest in him, then alliance would have come for her. She expresses her hatred for Swara and tells that she will take the milk debt from her, and will snatch her rights from her. She says only she will become Rudra Pratap’s bahu and not Swara. Sudha is shocked.

Indu argues with Baldev and asks if he is sacrificing Shlok for Swara’s alliance. Baldev says Shlok himself chosen Naina, and Swara’s alliance happened due to the coincidence and ambe maa. Amma says let the marriage happen. Indu says never.

Vedant messages Swara. Dhwani takes mobile from her hand and reads the message. She asks Swara to reply to him. Swara messages him to meet in the temple. vedant gets impressed and says they will meet in the evening, and his mother will come to her house to meet her in the afternoon. Swara smiles. Dhwani thinks she will snatch Swara’s happiness.

Precap: Dhwani asks Vedant to give the bouquet to the girl, whom he is marrying. She then informs him that his marriage is fixed with Swara, and tells him that you knows well that she can’t speak. Vedant is shocked.

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