Udaariyaan 6th July 2024 Written Update

Udaariyaan 6th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Udaariyaan 6th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shakti telling Vikram that he will push him and asks him to fall down carefully. He pushes him and runs away. Meher and Sarab take Haniya inside. Sukhi asks what had happened? Meher tells that Shakti and Vikram were fighting outside, when Haniya comes out and Shakti attacked her. Sarab comes out of house and confronts Vikram for letting Shakti hits Haniya. Vikram says I tried to stop Shakti and says Haniya is my would be wife, but why you are affected, if you have any affair with her. Sarab raises his hand on him asking how dare he to talk cheap and slaps him. Vikram asks how dare you to slap me. Meher comes there and stops him. Vikram says I didn’t know that your would be husband was so angry. He asks Meher, why Sarab is so concerned for Haniya and says I am silent due to you. Meher looks on.

She comes inside and asks everyone to leave her sister alone, and says she wants to feed her food. Aasma tells her that she doesn’t know what has happened between them and asks her to remember that she is unwell. She goes. Meher asks if she told Vikram about her feelings for Sarab. Haniya asks if you are mad, why will I tell him. Meher threatens to drink poison holding its bottle, if she doesn’t marry Vikram. Haniya promises to marry Vikram and asks her not to harm herself. Meher asks her to go and clear to Sarab. Haniya goes to Sarab and says she misunderstood Vikram, he tried to save her. She says she really wants to marry him. She goes. Munni tells Sarab that she has doubt on Vikram, he doesn’t seem to be a good guy.

Next day, Haniya tells everything that she is very happy that today is her mehendi. They all go to the mall, Meher asks Haniya to try the dress. Haniya goes to the changing room, where Shakti attacked her. Sarab comes to the other trial room and hears Haniya’s scream and breaks the changing room door. Shakti sprays something in Sarab’s eyes and runs away. Haniya gets worried for him. Munni, Meher, and Vikram come there. Meher misunderstands the situation and goes. Sarab tells Munni that Shakti has reached there.

Everyone likes the clothes brought by them. Meher washes her face and writes the letter to Sarab, that he loves Haniya and Haniya loves him, and he has never did the thing which he has done for Haniya, and says she doesn’t want forced love, and that’s why she is leaving for forever. Haniya sits for her mehendi ritual. Meher leaves. Simmy asks Haniya if she is doing right. Haniya says yes. Munni asks where is Meher? Sarab’s sisters ask Sarab to get Meher’s name written on his hand. Haniya says she will bring Meher.

Precap: Sarab is happy that he will marry Meher. Haniya marries him. Sarab gets angry with her for breaking his trust.

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