Krishna Mohini 6th June 2024 Written Update

Krishna Mohini 6th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Krishna Mohini 6th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Krishna saying did Aryaman come here to pick me. She doesn’t see him. She says what am I thinking, why would Aryaman come here, he would be with Ananya. She sees Aryaman again. She imagines him. She says I spoke to him with anger, why did I get angry on him, he is so nice and regards us family. She goes to the canteen. Sid is with his friend. He shows Mohan’s pic and says he studies in first year, fashion studies dept, keep an eye on him, I will tell you everything at the right time. Dhanya gets the food and says Krishna has prepared the lunch. Ananya asks why did you get it here, I have ordered the lunch. Aryaman asks her to have it. Ananya says fine, we will start the marriage preparations. She taunts about Krishna and his marriage. She says we will marry the day you get divorced. She stands up and scolds Dhanya. Aryaman observes her drama. Ananya asks Dhanya to leave. She acts hurt again. She asks Aryaman to have food. Krishna comes to the canteen. She doesn’t see Sid. Sid says be sure, he shouldn’t know you are keeping an eye on him. Krishna hears him and says its Sid’s voice. She turns. Sid leaves. Krishna says I was seeing Aryaman first and now hearing Sid’s voice, I m really hungry. Pia gets Mohan to his class. He collides with a girl and says sorry, are you fine. The girl smiles seeing him. He picks her books and gives to her. Pia smiles and jokes. She asks him to go and sit with that girl.

Mohan says I will go and apologize to her. Pia says I m your senior. She asks the guys to help Mohan and not do any ragging. She goes. The guy says Anuradha is unique. Anuradha comes. Mohan sees her. Krishna hears the students talking about Anuradha. The guy shows a pic. Mohan asks is he madam’s brother. The guy says its Anuradha. Mohan is shocked. The guy says she was guy before, her name was Anurag and now she is a girl, her name is Anuradha. Krishna hears about Anuradha’s gender change.

Mohan says maybe she feels like a girl within. The guy asks are you also interested. Mohan says no. Krishna worries. Mohan thinks I can’t tell anyone that I want to become a girl. Mohan sees Anuradha. Krishna says if Mohan meets this teacher and she fills wrong things in his mind then Mohan can lose the path. Krishna rushes to meet Mohan. The guards stop her. She says this college isn’t right for my brother, I will go and get him.

She throws the boards down. The guards rush to stop her. Mohan smiles seeing Anuradha. He thinks to talk to her. The class is over. Mohan asks how did you become a girl from a guy. Anuradha says I was suffocated in a male body, I have undergone a tough procedure, you want to know about it. He says yes. Krishna comes and sees Mohan talking to Anuradha.

She says come with me, you won’t study here. Anuradha asks who are you to force him. The guard says sorry, we tried to stop her. Mohan asks why didn’t you go home. Krishna says Mohan won’t study here, this isn’t a right college. Mohan takes his bag and says I will study here. Pia comes. Krishna says I m doing this for your good, nothing is right here, Mohan won’t study here. Pia says I will call Aryaman. Aryaman says I will go now. Ananya says you would be restless thinking of Krishna. He gets Pia’s call. He says what, I m just coming. Ananya runs after him. He turns and sees her. Pia says sorry madam. She asks Krishna to sit and talk, Aryaman is also coming here. Krishna says Mohan won’t study here, strange people are here. Mohan says you are doing wrong, you can’t do this. Pia asks about whom are you talking. Krishna takes Mohan with her.

The episode ends

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