Suhaagan 6th June 2024 Written Update

Suhaagan 6th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Suhaagan 6th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bindiya slapping Birju asking how dare he to kidnap her Krishna ji. She says you called him by cheat and asks where is he? She hears Krishna’s scream asking him to free his hands. She asks Birju what he wants? Gunwanti comes there and shows the video to Bindiya, in which Krish is tied and injured. He tells Bindiya that they are married, and says if she wants to save Krish, then come with him. Bindiya says you can’t get anyone’s love and tells that she can give her life, but will not agree to his demands. She says she will search her Krishna ji and goes.

Indu tells Baldev that they shall file the Police complaint. Baldev says yes. Payal thinks where is Bindiya, if they call Police then (she will be exposed). Baldev calls Commissioner. Bindiya comes there. Payal thinks great, everything is happening as per her plan. Bindiya comes home and tells them that Krishna ji is in Birju and his captivity. Indu breaks down and cries, asking Bindiya to bring her Babu.

Krish asks Babli to free his hands and let him go. Babli says she can’t free his hands and can’t let him go. She dances to entertain him. She falls down, gets up and hugs Krish. Krish says enough, and asks if you will make blood come out of my ears. She says you asked me to sing. He says I asked you to go. Babli tells that once Bindiya goes with Birju, she will marry him. Baldev, Bindiya and Amma are going to the PS. Indu comes there and stops them, and tells that she has called Birju and his family. Baldev asks what happened? Sakshi comes there and tells that she has packed Bindiya’s stuff in the bag, as told by her. Bindiya asks Indu why Sakshi has kept her stuff. Indu says you will understand and asks Birju to take his Bindiya from there. Payal smirks. Birju looks on smiling. Bindiya and everyone is shocked. Bindiya asks how can you handover me to this rakshak, who has kept Krishna ji captive. Indu says she is not doing any mistake. Amma says Krishna is not any stuff. Baldev asks Indu, how can you do this being a woman. Indu says this is done by a mother and nobody shall come between us. Bindiya says you shall punish the sinner, rather than that you are sacrificing your bahu, why you are doing this. Indu says I don’t want to do it, but sometimes we are forced to do something against our will.

Bindiya says I can’t stay without Krishna ji and can’t think of anyone else. Amma asks why you are doing this with bindiya, who is like Devi. Indu says I know she is good, but I want my son, and says I know that Birju will not leave Krishna until he gets Bindiya. Bindiya says I will bring Krishna ji and asks her to trust her. Indu blames Bindiya. Nidhi says Bindiya has always saved Krish and saved him from the problems. Indu asks why Krish is punished and says his mistake is that, he is this suhaagan’s suhaag and says everything will be fine if you leave from his life. Bindiya says I can’t live without him, don’t do this. Indu says you have to live. Baldev asks her to stop it and says Bindiya is not a thing. Indu says I can risk myself too for Krish. Bindiya hugs Indu and says she don’t want to go. Gunwanti says I am your Maa ji now. She drags Bindiya from there.

Indu tells Gunwanti and Birju that she has done what they asked her, and says if Krish don’t return in 12 hours, then she will take their lives. She closes the door. Birju asks her not to cry and says he will bring sky for her. Bindiya says she just wants her Krishna ji. Gunwanti asks how dare you to misbehave with my son. Birju says I will get you whatever you want, but will not give you Krish. Bindiya runs to the temple and asks Goddess, what wrong, did I do that you separate me from my Krishna ji. Payal comes there and says I understand your pain and knows how strong you are, and you can fight with God also for your suhaag. She asks her to get ready to punish Birju for his wrong doings. She hugs Bindiya and smiles evilly.

Episode ends.

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