Mera Balam Thanedaar 8th July 2024 Written Update

Mera Balam Thanedaar 8th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Mera Balam Thanedaar 8th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Veer asking Dhristi if she is fine, and asks her to rest, says he will leave. Dhristi asks him to stay back for sometime, and says he had beaten me so much, I am feeling pain and my leg is paining. Veer says Maa had said that he pushed you. Dhristi says yes, and he had beaten her too. Bulbul comes there and puts warm bag on her foot, says I will do penance for getting your marriage fixed with Rudra. Dhristi says she don’t want her to do something. Bulbul says then take atleast medicine from my hand. Dhristi says she will take it herself, she pushes the warm and stands up. Bulbul says when you kicked the warm bag, I understood that you got fine. Veer thinks Dhristi is more clever than needed, and he will expose her, Bulbul was right about her. Bulbul says now thanedar saa and I will go. Veer goes out. Bulbul tells Dhristi that she acts well, but has forgotten that she is her sister and will give her fitting reply.

Dhristi challenges Bulbul that tomorrow at the same time, Veer will be here. Bulbul says he will not come here. Bulbul gets worried and thinks what Dhristi would do. Vani tells Bulbul that Commissioner is calling her. Bulbul picks the call and calls him commissioner baba sa and asks how is he? He says he is fine, but has gastric trouble. Bulbul asks did you have kachoris? Commissioner says yes. Bulbul says she will send churan for him, to relieve the gastric trouble. He invites her for Kargil Tarang program tomorrow. She says they will come. Veer is surprised to see her talking to him casually. He asks her why she was calling him baba saa. Bulbul says he shall not interfere between father and daughter. Sulakshana asks her to stop her childishness and says if Veer’s uniform gets stained then I will not leave you. Bulbul tells that Commissioner baba sa invited them for kargil Tarang Divas. Veer refuses to go but Bulbul determines to convince him. Kaveri sends message to Dhristi that Bulbul and Veer are going to Kargil Tarang program. Dhristi plans something.

Next day, Bulbul makes the painting and thinks to wash her hand. She turns and puts her hands on Veer’s chest who has come there just now. She says she was making painting and says she has to get ready. He refuses to go and asks her to go. She holds his hand and sees color on her hand, and is about to apologize holding her ears, when Veer asks her to go to bathroom. She imagines Veer making her wash her hands and telling that he will go with his cutiful wife. She laughs. Veer asks her to wash her hands. Bulbul says we shall go to the program. Veer refuses.

Rudra is with Veer in the PS, when Dhristi calls Veer and tells that Rudra is beating her. Veer is shocked and asks if Rudra is there. Dhristi says don’t beat me Rudra. Veer asks her not to worry and says he will come there. Rudra is shocked. Veer ends the call. Rudra says why Dhristi is trying to stain my character. Veer says I want you to stay away from that evil, and says she has crossed the limit to madness. Rudra asks we shall expose her. Veer says they can’t take impulsive decision and shall expose her before his mother, and she can see Dristi’s evilness and Bulbul’s goodness. He says Dhristi did this, so that he don’t go for Kargil Divas. Rudra says Bulbul and you are perfect jodi.

Bulbul is worried, but is hopeful that Veer will come. Veer comes to Dhristi. Dhristi hugs him. Dhruv and his wife come there. He says Veer was coming when Dhristi called him and he left, so they came to take her along with them. Bulbul thanks him and says she will come with Veer. She reaches her father’s house and sees Dhristi hugging Veer. She hugs Dhristi and says she came running barefoot and has brought her team also. She calls her family members to take care of Dhristi.

Episode ends.

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