Krishna Mohini 9th July 2024 Written Update

Krishna Mohini 9th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Krishna Mohini 9th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sid saying you love these earrings, so I got it for you. Mohini says that’s why, I love you. She hugs him. Srijala comes and asks what is going on. Sid leaves Mohini and says its nothing like that. Srijala scolds Mohini. Sid says you are misunderstanding. Mohini thinks why isn’t Sid telling the truth that we love each other. Sid says I was hugging her as a friend. Srijala asks when did this girl become your friend, you were with her last night, I will go and tell Krishna about this girl. Aryaman says I can’t cheat my wife, how did I get intoxicated, if that soup had nothing, then why don’t I remember anything. He angrily breaks the mirror. Sid stops Srijala and says Mohini is my friend from London. Srijala asks what, she told some other story, I got her here to separate Aryaman and Krishna, that’s my plan. She asks what. Sid says yes, she was with me at the resort. He tells everything to Srijala. She is shocked.

She says so sad, you made Aryaman fall in his own sight, I pity him, you have put a disgusting blame on him, why is Mohini helping you. Sid says I m paying her for this. Mohini thinks why is Sid saying so. Srijala praises Sid. He asks her not to tell anyone, else they will have to leave the house. She agrees.

Krishna comes to Aryaman and asks are you fine, how did the mirror break. He says my hand hit it by mistake. She asks him to swear on her and tell her everything, don’t hide anything. Mohini comes and hears them. He asks what shall I tell you, last night was my life’s darkest night. Mohini screams and acts hurt. Krishna cares for her. She says how did this fall, I wasn’t fallen when I came here. Mohini recalls hurting herself to stop Aryaman. She asks Krishna to do something. Krishna sys I will do the aid and then get you injected. Mohini says no, I will stay in your room. Krishna says fine, I will get the first aid box. She asks Aryaman to lift Mohini and take her. He says no. She says why not, we should help her. He says she isn’t a little girl, she can go herself, I m going out. Mohini says I m fine here, at least get a cushion for me. Krishna goes. Mohini stops Aryaman and says don’t tell the truth to Krishna. He says I can’t lie to her. She emotionally fools him and acts.

She asks why do you want to take two lives for one mistake. Krishna comes and says I will do the aid and then we will talk. Aryaman refuses to talk. He goes. Krishna thinks why is he scared to share his feelings. Mohini thinks I will attack in a way that you lose your ground. Krishna takes her. She asks Ketan to talk to Aryaman, he is lost and worried, something is bothering him, go to resort and find out, check cctv footage if needed. Mohini thinks Ketan will know I was there, Sid and my plan will spoil. Krishna says find out what happened, I m worried for Aryaman. Ketan says don’t worry. Mohini says I don’t like this idea, when Aryaman knows this, then he will get angry that you are spying on him. Krishna says I can’t leave him alone, we are husband and wife. Ketan says I will go and find out. Mohini thinks to tell Sid so that he stops Ketan. She says I will take painkiller and we will go later. Krishna goes to Dadi. Srijala says Sid, meet Nats, she is my friend Romi’s daughter Natasha, she moved to the US, remember. Sid says of course, I remember. Natasha hugs him. Mohini comes and looks on. Srijala asks her to come in and meet Nats, Sid’s childhood friend, they used to say they will marry. Natasha asks who is she. Srijala says she is a problem, I mean, I don’t know much about her, I think she is Sid’s friend. Mohini says I m Sid’s girlfriend, I mean I m a girl and his friend, we were together in London, he got me here. Natasha asks Sid are you cheating me. Srijala says no. She takes Mohini away.

She says I was finding a rich family girl for Sid. Mohini says but he will decide who he will marry. Srijala says no, if he asks me to make anyone my bahu, then I won’t let this happen, you wanted to talk to him. Mohini thinks I won’t tell this to Sid, I have to do something before Ketan gets proof against me. She goes. Sid sees off Natasha. Mohini looks on. Sid says you look beautiful in anger. Mohini argues. She says kiss me right here right now, prove it that I m more than a friend for you. Sid says your anger will get me killed, what happened. She says tell your mom that we love each other and want to marry. He says focus on completing the mission of ruining Aryaman. She tells about Ketan. He says it’s a small thing. She says I will get caught, you won’t. He says Ketan won’t get anything, I have deleted the cctv footage and sent that waiter on long holiday. Ketan comes. Mohini makes Sid away. Ketan asks Mohini is this saree yours, resort staff said its yours. Krishna comes downstairs.

The episode ends.

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