Krishna turns out to be Ishwar’s step brother in Sahara One’s Niyati

There’s a saying: ‘The things and the people you try running away from always come closer to you. So, you better face them.’ But not everybody manages to be brave and face the ones who annoy them.

However, Ishwar (Tabrez Khan) of Sahara One’s Niyati (Creative Eye) will have to bear with someone he dislikes the most.

Any guesses?

Well, it’s Krishna (Sachin Sharma). Yes, it’s the same Krishna who gave Ishwar the designation of a General Manager in his company because of his good friendship with his wife Niyati (Aastha Chaudhary). But, instead of being grateful Ishwar accused him of having an affair with his wife and Krishna’s childhood friend Niyati. Thus, the two don’t see eye-to-eye anymore.

But in the upcoming episodes Krishna will learn that he is Ishwar’s step brother.

The story goes this way… Ishwar’s father fell in love with Krishna’s mother but the marriage did not materialise.

Thus, Krishna was left without a father. Now he will learn about the past and enter Ishwar’s house to demand for his rights.

His entry will agitate Ishwar and the two will even end up having a face off.

When contacted Sachin he said, “Krishna does not really want his share in the property but he wants to help Niyati hence, he has entered the house.”

The episode will air sometime this week.

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