Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 5th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prachi telling Kaya, how possessive Shahana is for her. Kaya says I agree with her. Prachi says lets go. Aryan and Damini come out. Pallavi asks if she is fine now. Damini says yes, and says all clear now. Pallavi asks if everything is fine between you both. Aryan thinks of her threat. Pallavi asks if you are ready to marry Damini. Aryan says yes, I don’t have reason to say no. Damini asks what? Aryan says yes. Pallavi says we shall go and make each other have sweets. Aryan says game on. Kaya tells Prachi that she had read in the news, about Saveri sister’s wedding and says it is a big thing on a high level. Prachi looks at the decoration and remembers her moments with Ranbir. She recalls Ranbir lifting her and telling that he can’t make her sit on his eye brows as promised, but he can lift her. She says I am just 45 kgs and asks him to make her sit on his eye brows as promised. She says she has so much work and asks him to let her go. He asks her to chill with him. Prachi says I don’t have time. Ranbir says chikchiki Prachi Ranbir Kohli don’t spoil my mood. She asks what are you doing? He asks if she is feeling something. Prachi says no. He says if you say no, then I will kiss me. Prachi says no. He says now I have to do it, say sorry. He says I can kiss you, but who will save my respect from you. He laughs. Prachi says I will not leave you. She runs behind him. He hugs her and laughs.

Kaya asks Prachi what she was thinking. She says lets go. Laali comes there and collides with Prachi. Prachi says sorry. Laali scolds her and asks what about the flowers which you made fallen down. Prachi bends down to pick it. Kaya stops Prachi and asks Laali to pick it herself. She shows her 2000 Rs note. Laali gets happy and says you are really rich and thanks her. She takes the money and picks her flower basket and leaves. Kaya tells Prachi that money is power, and says whoever is having money can do anything. Prachi says I don’t believe in this. Kaya says you will believe tomorrow, or else this world will teach you. She says if you bend down infront of people then they will make your back as the door mat. She advices her and says if someone does wrong with you, then search him and punish him, and always remember that face and his mistake. She goes.

Prachi takes flower form Minty aunty. Ranbir sees the terrorists going from there, and recalls colliding with one of the guy, thinks he is strange. Doctor comes there. Ranbir says hi doctor. The boss calls the terrorists and asks him to start. The terrorists start shooting the people in the hotel. Prachi, Minty aunty and Ganesh hears the gun shot and are coming out to check. Ranbir sees the people running and asks the guy, who tells about the gun shot. Ranbir asks Doctor to go to room no 305.

Damini’s mother makes Aryan have sweets. Pallavi says don’t worry about your health, your wife is a doctor. Vikram says she will treat everyone for free. Vikram and Damini’s father make each other have sweets. Damini asks Aryan why did he agree to marry. Aryan says you said that you want to marry me and I am refusing, so I agreed and everyone is happy. Damini says you don’t want to marry me. Aryan says yes, I will not let you stain my clothes and says this is just the start. Dida says love birds are whispering to each other. Pallavi asks Aryan and Damini to make each other have sweets. Damini’s mother says we will talk to Pandit ji, and get the date fixed. Aryan says what is the hurry. Pallavi signs him. He says ok, why to take time. Pallavi asks them to take blessings of elders. They take elders’ blessings. Damini and her parents’ leave. Aryan asks if I have put hang rope on my neck. Ranbir sees terrorists and get shocked. They break the CCTV fooage. The doctor looks shocked. Ranbir asks why did you come here. Doctor says I have to go from here. They see the terrorist killing the man infront of them. Doctor says I have to go. He says I am a doctor and they will not harm me. Ranbir says they will not talk to you, they will shoot you directly. They hear the bomb blast and get shocked.

Ranbir tells Doctor that help will come fast as this is five star hotel. Doctor asks him to come with him. Ranbir says he has to save a little girl Khushi and asks him to go to Room no. 305. Prachi tells Minty and others that this is terrorist attack and asks them to hide. Laali is also with them. Ranbir comes there. Prachi doesn’t see him. The bomb blasts near there. Ranbir says terrorists have attacked. He realizes Khushi is in danger. Prachi realizes Kaya is in danger. They go to save Khushi and Kaya. Kaya hears the gun shot and hears the man telling about the attack. She asks Megha to tell what happened. Megha says terrorists have attacked and asks her to come with her. They hide. Just then the terrorists come there and shoot down the people. Kaya and Minty are still hiding. The terrorists leave from there. Kaya says lets go. They get up. A girl asks Khushi to come with her. Khushi refuses to go until her Maayi comes. The girl tells Ranbir that the little girl is not coming. Ranbir comes to Khushi and asks her to come with him. She says Ranbir Kapoor. He says yes. She says she is scared and will not come with him, as Maayi will get angry. Ranbir says I will talk to her, she will not get angry. He takes her from there. The terrorist shoots a guy. Khushi shouts being scared. The terrorist looks at them and aims gun at them.

Precap: The terrorist tells Ranbir and Prachi that he remembered his daughter seeing them. Khushi asks if you are my Papa. Ranbir says yes, lets go. The terrorist says you both will die.

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