Kundali Bhagya 6th July 2024 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 6th July 2024 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 6th July 2024 Written Episode

Nidhi asks when will he come back home, Shaurya replies he is with Sandy so is going to come back after some enjoyment, Nidhi tells Arohi their work is finished now she is going to cause fire downstairs, Arohi smiles at Nidhi.

Sandy plays the song on which both him and Shaurya start dancing to celebrate the moment, Sandy climbs on the bench when Shaurya asks him to get down but he keeps dancing so Shaurya is also enjoying with him.

Kavya comes running calling to Badi mom, Rakhi asks what has happened when Kavya informs that the police have arrested Rajveer, Nidhi advises Kavya to tell the entire truth because if she says like this then how would everyone realize, Nidhi informs police have arrested Rajveer on the basis of suspicion as they found a lot of cash, Rakhi is not able to understand when Nidhi informs Rajveer was already working with Anshuman Panday while even this time the cash they found would have been given from the Singhania, Rakhi refuses to accept it that Rajveer can be bought but Nidhi replies the truth is that Rajveer leaked the information because of which they lost the tender, Bani Dadi also refuses to accept it but Nidhi replies it is the truth as Shaurya warned them about him, Nidhi asks if they cannot see that Rajveer is against their family and why can they not see the truth.

Palki tells the Inspector that Rajveer is not wrong as sometimes they cannot see right, Palki says Inspector found the money in his almirah but the Inspector should find out who did it, Inspector questions if Palki is his lawyer and says that the lawyer is going to fight for it in the court, Palki suggests they should not take it to the court and someone is trapping him but the Inspector replies now the case would be solved in the court as they got a complain and after investigating it found the money in his almirah so now the court would decide of it. Preeta calls Palki who rushes to hug her, Preeta asks Palki to not be worried assuring everything would be fine and the Inspector is going to listen to them but Palki says she has tried a lot to talk to him. Preeta also requests that there has been some mis understanding but the Inspector replies her son has done a scam and he was sold for a few money, Preeta replies she knows her son but he cannot do it when the inspector informs they found the money from his almirah however Preeta replies she knows her son, Inspector says no mother is informed about the actions of their son outside the house, Preeta replies she can guarantee that her son is not like that, Inspector replies her son is a thief and reveals they meet a lot of children who seem very kind but are evil. Preeta says that would he not investigate the actions of someone because what if someone has trapped the person and they are not doing their investigation, Inspector furiously orders her to stop warning that she should leave his police station but Preeta refuses to leave without meeting her son. Preeta goes to the cell of Rajveer when the lady constable comes saying that she cannot meet him like this without the orders of the Inspector, Palki requests the lady constable saying that she should let Preeta je meet her son for two minutes as he cannot leave, the lady constable agrees to give them two minutes. Rajveer say the police found the money from his almirah, Preeta replies it does not mean the money belongs to him, Rajveer says but the police feel that he has been sold and taken money from Singhania, Preeta replies she is not going to let him stay here surely as she is his mother explaining even the Luthra’s are going to support him, Rajveer recalls how Shaurya was the one to put the blame on him, Rajveer requests Preeta to not go to the Luthra house until everything calms down and she herself said that the luthra’s trust him but she should give it all some time to settle down and try to understand their feelings, Preeta replies if she does not go there and they donot take back the complain then they would have to go to the court, Rajveer informs they have to hire a lawyer so Preeta agrees to do whatever it takes but assures he will be released, Palki is very emotional and also crying so Preeta walks away, Palki tells Rajveer everything would be fine and asks him to take care of himself before leaving.

Palki is trying to stop an auto but they donot stop then Palki gets a call from Shanaya who tells her that Dadi fell down, Palki s stunned hearing it when Shanaya ends the call. Preeta asks Palki to go back home however she does not agree to leave her but Preeta says she will handle everything here, Palki asks if she is sure then she stops the auto so the auto driver agrees to go to Chambur,Palki advises that Preeta should inform her about it all.

Shanaya ending the call turns when Dadi sits on the couch so she asks Daljeet to make tea for her, Dadi says she knows that the call would surely bring Palki back to this house, Daljeet replies she does not like Palki going there to meet Rajveer hearing which Shanaya gets worried asking if Daljeet does not know that Rajveer is innocent, Daljeet leaves while Dadi assures that she is going to make sure Palki does not spend time with Preeta.

Preeta while standing outside the police station prays to Bhagwan that there should not be so many troubles at once as she cannot handle them while Palki is still very young.

Daljeet gives Tea to Dadi when the door bell rings and hearing it Shanaya says she is not interested in listening to their scolding, Palki runs to Dadi asking if she is fine, Dadi replies Palki does not care for the respect of the house she turns to Shanaya who replies that they all did this drama so Palki comes back home, Daljeet asks what is in Rajveer that she keeps following him and why did she run after the police van, Dadi also asks if palki forgot that the entire neighborhood was looking at them and Daljeet says Shaurya got mad while asked her to control her daughter, she asks if Palki does not understand that when Shanaya gets married to Shaurya then everyone would say that her sister was running after Rajveer when he is not her husband, Palki replies Rajveer is about to be her husband when Daljeet says that he is still not her husband, Palki replies then even Shaurya is not the husband of Shanaya but Daljeet still cares for her so much that he is worried, Daljeet slaps Palki when realizing it she tries to walk out of the house, Daljeet warns Palki but she still does not leave. Shanaya asks why did Daljeet literally slap her when it is not right and they should not take the words of Shaurya seriously but Daljeet mentions she cannot bear that her marriage ends with Shaurya.

Nidhi entering the room tells Arohi she felt very nice and no one from the family was able to say anything to her and how could anyone say to her when their family lost such a big tender, Arohi is stunned how no one said anything, Nidhi replies she did not allow them so Arohi hugging her says that Nidhi attacked at the right time, Nidhi says that the savior of Preeta and Rajveer is out of city on a business trip, she thinks Mahesh dad would try to help them but Shaurya will be able to stop him, Arohi asks why is Nidhi sure that no one from the family is going to inform Karan as even if he has been arrested but still it is impossible to break the trust of the Luthra’s on Rajveer, Nidhi gets worried.

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