Kya Haal Mr. Panchaal 24th May 2018 Written Update

Kya Haal Mr. Panchaal 24th May 2018 Written Update by H Hasan

Kya Haal Mr. Panchaal 24th May 2018 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pratibha saying that where is Pratap? Pari jokes. Panjiri comes and tells Pratap is stuck in the play. Pari hides and asks them not to tell anyone that she is hidden behind the curtain. Pratibha and Panjiri act as if they don’t know. Pratibha says how we will make Pratap meet Kunti. Kanhaiya comes and says asks them to take care. Pratibha says I don’t know driving. Panjiri says the same. Kanhaiya says I mean to say Maiyya asking me to take her to mausi ji. Pari hides again and asks them not to tell. Kanhaiya says I have to take Maiyya to mausi’s hotel. Panjiri cries and gets worried. Pratibha says I will become Mausi ji inplace of Pratap. Pari says I will become Maasi and says meow. Panjiri asks what is this mausi? Pari says billi mausi. Pratibha asks her to hide.

Kanhaiya says there is a problem and says how you will go from infront of her. Pratibha says I have an idea. Kanhaiya comes to Kunti and says we shall wait for sometime. Bahus hide Pratibha with a blanket. Kunti asks where are bahus? Pari says I am here, but will not be visible to you.
Kunti turns and sees them. She asks where they are going? Pari says they are playing hide and seek game and that’s why going to hiding Pratibha. Panjiri says they are going to dry the blanket. Kunti says it is already dried. Pari says so that we can bring Mausi ji home. Pratibha asks her to tell that blanket is stinking. Panjiri says it is stinking. Kunti says no. Kanhaiya says it is stinking. Kunti checks and says yes. She asks them to go and dries the blanket. They take Pratibha and leave. Kanhaiya says everyone is mad. Later Pratibha comes home indisguise of mausi and meets Kunti. Kunti asks her to have something. Pratibha says I can’t eat as I have fake teeth behind. Kusum says it is hot samosa. Prema says it is cold now.

Prarthana says meeting of Maiyya and Mausi is important. Kanhaiya says now Mausi ji shall leave. Kunti asks her to sit for sometime and asks where are your husband? Pratibha and Panjiri says ghar pe upar. Kusum says if he don’t stay with you? Pratibha says he stays with me. Pari points at Pratibha’s room. Pratibha says she will go. Pari says she stays here only. Panjiri makes excuse. Pari says we will take selfie. Kunti asks her to stop and says one family member is missing. Kanhaiya says jija is not here. Kunti says it is good and says samajhdhar bahu is not here. She calls her. Pratibha says ji sasumaa. She then says who said. Kusum says her voice came from here. Kanhaiya says Prema takes out Pratibha’s voice. Kunti asks Prema to talk in Pratibha’s voice. Prema turns and Pratibha says ji sasumaa. Kanhaiya says now Maasi ji will leave. Pratibha says she is not in a hurry to go. Kunti says let mausi meet Pratibha first. Panjiri says they can’t meet. Kunti calls Pratibha and her phone rings.

Mausi comes home. Kanhaiya tells Panjiri that Mausi is here. Panjiri says war will happen now. Mausi calls aloud Panjiri..

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