Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 31st March 2021 Written Update

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 31st March 2021 Written Update by Amena

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 31st March 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Iqbal saying we have no one here. Farooq’s mum asks the goons to find them out. The goon says we will sit outside and guard the house. She says we will find them some how, they can’t get saved. They leave. Vashma asks how will we go now. Amrit says there is a way, we can go out of here, we can hide in the trunks and go, we have to make holes in the trunks to get air for breathing. Iqbal says I agree with her, I don’t find any other way. Amrit says we will go by the back door. Vashma hugs Zubeda. The baby cries. Vashma gives baby to Uday. Uday sings a lullaby and consoles the baby.

Radha says I m Uday’s mum and this baby’s Dadi, I m the eldest in the family now, I will not let anything happen to them. Amrit hugs her. Iqbal says we will also leave this house after you all leave. He asks Abrar to protect them. Abrar asks him not to worry. They all hide in the trunks.

Farooq’s mum and goons stop Abrar and scold him for helping Uday’s family. Goon says we will kill them here. Zubeda shouts and asks will you doubt on own people, we are leaving Lahora and will never come back here. Farooq’s mum says you think we will go back seeing the drama. Zubeda asks what are you saying. Farooq’s mum says I know everything. She asks goons to check all the trunks. Zubeda says yes, open all the trunks. She asks them to see the trunks. Abrar asks them to see for themselves. Zubeda asks can you see anyone hiding, you think they will hide in this to die. Farooq’s mum asks goons to check. Zubeda thinks everyone will get caught. Goon checks the trunks by stabbing the sword. Farooq’s mum also checks the same way. Zubeda and Abrar get worried. Vashma gets saved by the sword.

Zubeda says don’t make fun of us, let us go. Farooq’s mum says we will check well. Goon goes to check other trunks. Zubeda prays for Amrit and Randhir. Amrit gets shocked seeing the sword. They see a jeep passing. Zubeda and Abrar act. Farooq’s mum says you diverted us. She rushes after the jeep. Goons leave. Zubeda recalls Amrit and Randhir’s plan to distract the goons. Goons check the jeep and don’t see anyone. Farooq’s mum says they fooled us, maybe they are in those trunks. She drives back. She doesn’t see anyone. Randhir says drive faster. Abrar says we will reach the border soon. The men look for Uday. Randhir asks Abrar to take the car from other way. Abrar says its a long way. Randhir says its fine. They leave.

Abrar says just some time more, the border is close. The truck tyre bursts. The tribals attack Abrar and ask for the trunks. Abrar says there are no precious things in the trunk, just some memories. The men threaten him. Abrar says I have some deposit for others, keep the money, let the truck reach that side. He gets attacked. He faints. Randhir looks on shocked. Vashma comes out of the truck. Lady stops the men and says stop, she has a baby with her. Vashma seeks their help. Everyone comes out of the trunk. Amrit says they aren’t Farooq’s men. The man says they are our enemies. Amrit says no, Vashma and I are from different religions, we are childhood friends, we have no enmity. Randhir says you should understand our pain, we are innocent people, we have no weapons. The man doesn’t listen and threatens to kill them. Amrit worries.

Four years pass, Amrit is in her in laws house. She gets shocked seeing Randhir.

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