Ishk Par Zor Nahin 31st March 2021 Written Update

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 31st March 2021 Written Update by Amena

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 31st March 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ishqi saying my sugar is low, I m diabetic, I m hungry since morning, Sarla asked me to keep fast. Sonu says have food, Sarla makes rules, she isn’t your saas, halwai is making kachoris, go and have it. She says I will tell the truth once Ishqi eats some food. Dadi and Chachi talk of Sarla and joke. Ishqi talks to her mum and looks at the sky. She says if I have some food, then it will be fine, but Sarla told me to keep fast, she is elder. She sees lightning in the clouds. She says you permitted me, I will have food.

She takes the kachoris to eat. Ahaan comes and says I knew, what can I expect from a girl like you. She asks what do you mean, I m not stealing the food. She jokes on Sarla. He says Sarla asked you to have fast, you are having food here, you are really strange. She says you have no work and just stare at me, do you want me to come to you and take permission. He says you do anything, have food, I don’t care. She says then go, let me eat. He says you don’t value tradition, she is elder, she would be right. She says elders can also be wrong.

She says children should listen to elders if they are right. He says families break because of girls like you, you don’t respect elders. They argue. Ishqi goes. Sonu asks do you love Mayank, does he love you. Ishqi asks what do you want to say. Mayank looks on. Sonu says you should know much about Mayank, I want to tell about him. Mayank comes and says you here, I was looking for you, mummy is asking if you want something for Jagrata. Ishqi says no. He asks did I come between imp talk. Ishqi goes to take a call. Maasi says you didn’t take food and medicines, are you fine. Ishqi asks don’t you have time to think of yourself, I won’t let you stay with that man. Ahaan comes there and switches on the fan. He sees Ishqi. Ahaan says she is still busy on phone, just impossible. Mayank asks Sonu did you wish to tell her that I don’t love her, why didn’t you tell her, come, we will tell her and Ahaan also. Sonu worries.

He says your marriage will break, I want this. Ahaan and Kartik ask her to get ready for Jagrata. She goes. Jagrata function starts. Raj compliments Sonu. He asks her to have chocolate. She says no, your mum asked me to keep fast. Ahaan comes and praises her values. He says Sonu is perfect, other side Ishqi doesn’t worry for family values, I stopped her from having food. Sonu says its imp for her to have food because… They click selfies. Ishqi comes. Ahaan sees her. He says we will see if Dadi needs help. He smiles seeing Mayank with Ishqi. Sarla asks how will diamond anklets come in pic. Pammi says we will get a pic clicked separately. Sarla asks Ishqi to get fresh juice for her. Chachi says it looks odd, I will ask someone to get juice for you, its Ishqi’s function also. Sarla jokes. Ishqi gets the juice and says it has calories, your face glow will go away, you will look dull in the pics. Sarla says no, I will go and do touch up. Ishqi jokes on Sarla. They laugh. Ahaan looks on.

Bhola takes the juice from Ishqi’s hand and goes. Mayank’s parents bless Ishqi. They ask for her uncle and aunt. Mayank says they were not well, they couldn’t come. Ahaan says she is weird, she didn’t get her family, she has no values, she doesn’t care, she called her mom, she was eating something. Ishqi turns to him. Kartik says you always talk of her, its not fair.

Sonu worries and says I can’t let Ishqi’s life get ruined or break Ahaan’s trust, what to do. Sarla gives chunris to Sonu and Ishqi. Chachi says I m Sonu’s mum. Sonu feels halwa to Chachi. Ishqi sees Ahaan crying. Sarla asks Ishqi to call her mummy.

Ishqi and Ahaan have a moment. Ishqi pushes a guy. Sarla asks Ishqi to apologize.

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