Lakshmi Narayan 25th June 2024 Written Update

Lakshmi Narayan 25th June 2024 Written Update by Atiba

Lakshmi Narayan 25th June 2024 Written Episode

Scene 1

Shukaracharya looks at Mahadev’s idol and says you are my Guru but wasn’t there when I needed you. I learned everything from you but my position as a teacher was taken away, you have been disloyal to me so I will go against you now. I am going to take a stand against your injustice. I am going to pour all my education and learnings in the sea. Mahadev sees that, Narayan comes there and says I know you are hurt seeing your student like this but he has lost the right path. Mahadev says he is my student, I have to bring him on the right path. Narayan says no, he has to lose everything to know the worth now.

Shukaracharya enters the sea and is about to pour his education away but Aditi comes there with Asurs and says nobody will care if you give up your education but we value your teachings, they are fools to not honor your knowledge. We will be honored to have you as our Guru, please make us your students. It will be an honor for us. You are great but Devtas are too egoistic and took away your position. Its your turn to take everything from them, take revenge on your insult by taking our help.

Mahadev tells Narayan that we have to stop Shukaracharya. Narayan says no, he has to know which is the right side for him.

Scene 2

Aditi tells Shukaracharya that please accept their proposal and make them his students. Narayan comes there and says its going to have consequences, I am coming from Mahadev and he also said that you should choose your teacher’s path, and deny these Asurs. Shukaracharya says you cheated me, you did injustice with me. Narayan says if you take Asurs side then you will lose all honor and it will hurt your teacher also. Aditi says he never wants you to have any honor, he wants you to give up your knowledge so he can tell others that you weren’t knowledgable and deserved what he did with you. Narayan tells him to know the difference between right and wrong. Aditi begs him to be on their side. Shukaracharya tells her that he can understand pain as the same injustice happened with them. He says I accept Asurs as my students and I am going to be against Devtas now. Mahadev is hurt seeing that.

Guru tells Lakshmi that they have to be careful now, Shukaracharya as smart and intelligent which will make Asurs stronger now.

Aditi tells Narayan that Shukaracharya is on our side now, we have knowledge along with power now so Devtas should be scared now. Lakshmi comes there and says you should focus on getting knowledge instead of using it against Devtas. She tells Shukaracharya that his end is certain now. Shukaracharya says we will see about that, I will take revenge of what happened with me now. Narayan asks what did he say? Shukaracharya says I am announcing a war and I am going to finish Devtas with Asurs on my side and you won’t be able to stop me.

The episode ends.

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