Love Ka Hai Intezaar 22nd September 2017 Written Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 22nd September 2017 Written Update by Amena

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 22nd September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mohini taking to Ragini. She sees jewelry and likes the mangalsutra. Ragini recalls Kamini and cries. Kamini comes with shopping bags and sees her crying. Ragini says I just recalled old memories. Mohini says past is past, don’t think of it, I have a lovely sister like mum. They all hug. Ragini asks her not to feel sad, she is getting a good life partner like Ayaan. Mohini says I can’t go leaving you all, I will tell Ayaan that I will stay here after marriage. Ragini says every girl has to go leaving house. Kamini says you are in same city. Ragini says you have to win their hearts. Kamini says my Mohini has magic, she will win everyone’s heart, everyone will say my….. Mohini select the jewelry. She cries.

She thinks how she is helpless that she

can’t call Mohini her daughter. She wishes Mohini calls her mum. Vasu asks Ayaan to select a sherwani. She insists and sends him to try. Inder jokes. He tells Vasu that Ayaan is their son and he will go on them. He give good news that he has to get Vijaylaxmi’s proof by journalist soon. Doctor comes home. Inder asks can’t I take injection later, we are busy.
Doctor says delaying is not good, its good if you don’t ttake risk. Inder agrees. Madhavi says I can’t keep Ayaan in darkness, love can’t happen by cheat. Rajjo keeps an eye. Madhavi says I have to talk to hero. Rajjo thinks madam said Madhavi shouldn’t talk to her hero. Doctor gets rare poison and is about to inject Inder. Ayaan stops him. Inder asks what happened. Ayaan says this doctor issued your fake medical certificate, so that CBI interrogates you, he is bought by Vijaylaxmi, don’t believe him dad.

Rajjo lies about snake and takes Madhavi with her. Madhavi says my phone is inside room. Rajjo asks her to not go in room. Ayaan asks doctor to go. Doctor thinks Vijaylaxmi’s PA will not leave my family safe if I go without giving injection. He asks Ayaan to check medicines if he wants. Inder checks and says medicine is right Ayaan. Doctor tells them how he got under pressure and had to sign on paper, let me do my duty, Inder needs treatment, let me do this. Vasu says we trust this doctor. Doctor gives injection to Inder. Inder feels dizzy. Ayaan looks at him. Doctor says maybe Inder sleeps for some time by medicine effect, he will wake up fresh. He goes.

Mohini gets mehendi applied by Sheetal. Mohini talks to Ayaan. She asks him will he find his name in her mehendi. He says yes, make a video call, I will find my name. She video calls him. He asks her to give a kiss. She says no, find your name. He likes the mehendi. He asks where did you write my name, did you write or just fooling me. She asks him to lose and change name to Popatlal. He asks her to let him find. Ragini asks her to come and check the anklet. Ayaan says wait a min. She says I will send a pic, you find your name all day, else I have found names for you. He says send me picture. Vijaylaxmi gets Rajjo’s call. Rajjo says I didn’t let Madhavi call her hero. Vijaylaxmi says don’t let her talk to Ayaan, go and keep an eye on her, throw her phone, do anything. She says game’s direction changed, I have to play my cards soon.

Ayaan scolds Vijaylaxmi. She says just I have the antidote. Ayaan informs Mohini that Inder is in danger, and Vijaylaxmi has kept a condition that he married Madhavi.

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