Luv Kush 22nd November 2019 Written Update

Luv Kush 22nd November 2019 Written Update by Amena

Luv Kush 22nd November 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ram talking to Laxman. They hear Sita calling Ram. Ram says I felt Sita’s voice strange today. Sita comes to Ram and says I had seen a golden deer there. Ram smiles. She says I didn’t see such a golden deer before, maybe it came this side, the deer went away, I want that deer. Ram says the animals should roam free in the jungle, I m sure you will see it again. She says no, I want to raise that deer, you both stay busy in getting the wood, my time will pass if I get that deer. Ram says you have asked me something after marriage for the first time. Laxman says then you have to get that deer for Sita. Ram says sure Sita.

Laxman says I will come along, we will find it together. Ram says no Laxman, there are many problems here, stay here and protect Sita. Laxman says as you command. Sita asks what happened. Sita says I m thinking of whatever happened yesterday, that Mayavi Rakshasi came here, raining at night and change in the jungle in morning, and this golden deer… its strange. Sita holds his hand and says leave thinking, go, else deer will go far. Ram smiles. He goes. She hears the crows sound. Ram sees the deer and runs after it. He says its really unique. Sita and Laxman hear Ram shouting for help.

Sita asks Laxman did you hear it, Ram is calling you, go and help him. Laxman says no, voice is like Ram, but it isn’t Ram, one who can protect the world, he can’t need me for his help. Sita asks is this all an illusion. Laxman says there is something wrong, we are in this jungle, there are many Mayavi. She says I just know that Ram had called us, he is in some problem, I request you to go and get Ram. He says Ram have given me duty to protect you. She says Ram needs protection, not me, I m here in ashram, go and protect Sita, go to him, else I will go. Laxman says I will fulfill your command, but I can’t disobey Ram. He takes his bow and arrow. He holds the arrow and prays. He draws a line on the ground. He completely encircles the ashram. The ashram gets inside the protective shield. He says this line has Laxman’s entire powers, you are safe inside, anyone crossing this will get burnt. She says don’t worry, I won’t cross this line. She prays. Raavan comes there.

He says I have misled Ram and Sita, now I will kidnap Ram’s wife. He goes to Sita. He collides with the Laxmanrekha. He smiles and says you will get an answer for this. Sita hears a Sadhu. She greets him. She asks for Bhiksha. She goes and gets Bhiksha. She says you can have the Bhiksha, come in. He says I have walked a lot to come and get Bhiksha, can’t you walk here, why this ego. She says no, I have promised my Devar that I won’t cross this line, this line won’t harm you, it will only harm the people coming with bad intentions. He says I can’t enter anyone’s house, if you are bound by promise, I m bound by my limits, I can’t step inside a house where a lady is alone. Sita says then you rest here for sometime, Ram and Laxman will come here, then I will give you Bhiksha. He says you are getting a chance to earn good deed, you are asking me to wait. She says no, I m bound by a promise. He asks how does it relate to me, if you don’t come to give me Bhiksha, you will ruin yourself. She says sorry, I won’t cross this line. He says fine, you are insulting me for your husband and Devar, they will get my curse. She gets shocked. FB ends.

The man asks Lav and Kush to tell the story ahead. Lav says sure, but we want to imagine that if you were in Sita’s situation, what would you do. Kush says tell us, what will you do if any Sadhu comes to your house and thinks you are insulting him. The people give different opinions. All the people argue. Kush says I can’t believe that they are thinking so much, Sita took the right decision. She had no other way. Lav smiles. Kush asks why are you smiling, I m getting angry on their thinking.

Lav says the people are trying to understand Sita’s situation, if they try to understand this story, they will respect Sita Maa’s choice, they will respect her, which she deserved. Lav asks did anyone has an answer. A lady comes. The man scolds her. Lav says this is Ram Rajya, everyone has a right to keep their opinion. The man insult the lady. He says there is no difference between Sita and her. All the men laugh.

Lav says we may reach the right answer. The lady says no woman can get her family in trouble, any woman would cross the line and give Bhiksha to Sadhu. The women agree. Lav says you have said the truth. Lav and Kush sit back and tell the story. They say Sita crossed the Laxmanrekha for the sake of family. FB shows Sita recalling Laxman’s words. She says stop Rishivar, I m ready to cross this line to give you Bhiksha. Raavan sees her.

Raavan catches Sita when she gives him Bhiksha. He comes to his real avatar. She says Raavan…. She shouts to Ram.

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