Teri Meri Doriyaann 25th June 2024 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 25th June 2024 Written Update by MA

Teri Meri Doriyaann 25th June 2024 Written Episode

Gurnoor teaches music to Akeer. She sings Sa Re Ga Ma.. Akeer says Sa se Sahiba. Angad walks in. Gurnoor asks if he needs something. Angad says sorry for disturbing them, he will come later. Gurnoor says it’s okay. He says she is behaving well even after his misbehaviour with her yesterday. She says whenever she plays music, her mood uplifts itself. Angad asks Akeer if he took Sahiba’s passport. Akeer says he doesn’t even know where the passport was. Gurnoor looks upset. Angad asks why she got suddenly upset when she told she feels happy while playing music. Gurnoor says she needs to teach music to Akeer now. Angad tries to leave when Manveer walks in and says Bebe is calling Angad and Akeer. Akeer asks Gurnoor to accompany them. Manveer says Gurnoor is not invited. Angad says Ms Gurnoor is Akeer’s caretaker and should be knowing anything related to Akeer. Manveer stands fuming while Angad takes Akeer and Gurnoor along.

Beeja gives Zoravar’s sent gift to her aides and asks them to send it to Gurnoor via a new aide who can hand it over directly to Gurnoor. Bebe gathers family and tells Akeer that she has planned his dastarbandi/turban wearing function. Angad reminds Akeer that he had asked him if he can wear pagdi when he grows up. Jasleen says it looks like Akeer doesn’t know the value of dastarbandi. Akeer says his mamma told she will perform his dastarbandi in a grand ceremony and told that pagdi is not just a cloth but a crown of a sikh. Prabjot asks if he is ready for the dastarbandi. Bebe says she will organise a grand function for him. Akeer invites Gurnoor for the function. Manveer in her usual humiliating tone shouts she will never allow a caretaker to attend her grandson’s dastarbandi ritual. Akeer says he will not perform the function without Gurnoor miss. Manveer tells Jasleen that she will not allow Gurnoor to attend the function at any cost and will plan something.

A tailor master takes Akeer’s measurement for his special day’s dress, but Akeer continues to move and doesn’t let him take measurement properly. Gurnoor takes his measurement and explains the importance of taking measurement to stitch his special dress. Akeer gives measurement and replaces him with Angad when Angad walks in. Gurnoor takes his measurement without seeing him and slips on him. Their eyes lock. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Gurnoor apologises Angad and says she was taking Akeer’s measurement. Angad says Akeer replaced him and ran away. Beeja’s aide brings parcel to Brar mansion and insists maid that he will hand it over only to Gurnoor. Maid shows Gurnoor. Aide asks her to give it Gurnoor and walks away. Aide gives parcel to Gurnoor.

Gurnoor opens parcel and gets upset seeing the stuff in it. She recalls running away from Zoravar’s house throwing the stuff away. She hides it when she sees someone coming. She then asks maid who delivered this parcel. She says a man with white shirt and grey pant. Gurnoor finds the man and asks who sent this parcel. He escapes via store room fearing Beeja’s punishment if he is caught. She slips and falls on Angad. They both get entangled in curtains. Angad asks if she is fine, what is she doing in store room. She says let us get out of the mess first. Angad recalls his similar experience with Sahiba and frees themselves with great difficulty.

Precap: Maid hands over Gurnoor’s parcel from Zoravar to Angad. Angad is shocked to see a whip, rope, and a dancing couple globe in it. Zoravar says he is coming to punish Gurnoor and whoever has sheltered her. Gurnoor shivers seeing that. Angad asks what is this.

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