Teri Meri Doriyaann 5th July 2024 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaann 5th July 2024 Written Update by MA

Teri Meri Doriyaann 5th July 2024 Written Episode

Zoravar tells Beeja that his gudiya/Gurnoor never spoke high in front of him till today, but today she was confronting him; how did she gain so much courage. Beeja says it’s because of Brars. Zoravar says let her fly, he will cut her feathers tonight. Beeja asks if he showed her pace. Zoravar says yes, today is the last day of her freedom and she will see only him from tomorrow. Gurnoor returns to Brar mansion and thinks she got money and just have to get out of here as soon as possible. She recalls Zoravar strangulating her. She calls travel agent and asks him to confirm tomorrow’s tickets, she will transfer money tomorrow. She thinks Zoravar and Beeja know location, she has to leave this place tonight and stay somewhere.

She searches for Sahiba’s passport, but doesn’t find it. Angad from behind asks if she is searching for this. He says he didn’t come to hit her, but wants to confront her for playing with Akeer’s emotions. He recalls Garry informing that Gurnoor is married to a rich Delhi businessman named Maan, she used their house to hide and soon will be eloping from the country, she just used Akeer as a means to hide in their house. Veer says he checked her bag and found something from their house. Angad asks him not to tell that it’s Sahiba’s passport. Out of flashback, he says his mamma was right regarding her, she played with Akeer’s feelings and lied to them. Gurnoor says he knows only half truth. Angad says he doesn’t want to listen anything as she lost a chance to reveal her truth; she is a big liar and he feels ashamed to see her face.

Gurnoor says he doesn’t know her situation. Angad says she can’t blame situation for her mistake. Akeer walks in and asks if they are fighting. Angad says no. Akeer asks Gurnoor if she will sing a song and make her sleep. Gurnoor agrees. Angad stops her and tells Akeer that he will recite her a story and make him asleep. Akeer asks if he knows stories. Angad says a lot and asks him to return to his room. He warns Gurnoor that he doesn’t want to see her when he returns after making Akeer asleep. Gurnoor packs her bag recalling Angad’s bitter words and hopes Angad had listened to her story, thinks she should leave this house before someone is harmed because of her. She looks at Sahiba’s passport, recalls Angad confronting that she entered the house misusing Sahiba’s face and stole Sahiba’s passport to escape from the country, keeps passport in her pocket, and walks out of her room. She recalls all the quality moments spent in this house.

She walks to Sahiba’s photo and apologises her for stealing her passport. She says her situation forced her to steal Sahiba’s passport, she knows Sahiba wouldn’t have done this if she was in her situation, Angad was right that she can never be kind and sensitive like Sahiba, etc. She prays god to give her strength and courage like Sahiba. She keeps passport near Sahiba’s photo and says she is sad that she has to leave Akeer, but she doesn’t want any trouble on Akeer because of her. She walks out of the house while Angad watches her from balcony. She stands on a road and thinks she can’t get out of the country without passport and has to go far away from Ludhiana. Angad stands in balcony feeling upset. Garry and Veer walk to him and asks him to go and sleep. Angad says whatever happened today, he wants to forget it like a bad dream; he doesn’t know what to tell Akeer tomorrow if he asks about his Gurnoor miss. Garry says they shall leave Angad alone. Veer says they shouldn’t leave him alone. Angad asks Veer to please go.

Precap: Sahiba runs around the house. Angad walks behind her. Gurnoor says she wants to tell him something which she never told to anyone. Zoravar speaks and says even he wants to listen from her, gudiya. Gurnoor gets tensed seeing him.

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