Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 9th July 2024 Written Update

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 9th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 9th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sajeeri doesn’t drinking the tea and rushing to the kitchen. Aaji sends Sachi to go and check if Sajeeri had the tea. Sachi goes and sees an empty tea cup. She smiles and signs Aaji. Aaji says Sajeeri will sleep in sometime. Nalini asks Sajeeri to go and get ready. Sajeeri feels sleepy. Sachi says I don’t think she will come back. Aaji asks her to go and get ready. Sachi smiles. Sajeeri sleeps. Shivam comes out and calls her out. He waits for her. He calls her. She is sleeping. Aaji says its not a good idea to take her. She asks Sachi where are you going. Sachi says I m getting bored, I thought to go out with Sajeeri, but she is sleeping. Shivam asks what, we had to go to an event. Nalini says I will wake her up. Aaji says no need. She asks Sachi to go with Shivam. Sachi says okay, I have no problem. Shivam says I don’t want to go, I m cancelling it. Aaji asks why, it’s a good business opportunity, you are cancelling it because of Sajeeri, fine, I will go there. He says okay, I will go with Sachi. She says you won’t have any regret, go. Sachi asks Shivam to come. Nalini prays. Sajeeri comes and stops Sachi. Nalini smiles. They see Mandira sleeping. Sajeeri recalls seeing Sachi spiking the laddoos. She also sees Sachi spiking the tea. Mandira drinks the tea and doesn’t listen to Sajeeri. Sajeeri thinks why did Sachi add sleeping medicine in the tea. FB ends. Shivam asks Sajeeri why did you not answer calls. Sajeeri says sorry, it was on silent, Sachi, I will come with you tomorrow, I have to go with Shivam now. Nalini applies black dot to Sajeeri. He compliments her. Sajeeri goes thinking and thinks Sachi doesn’t like Shivam, he is my husband now, I have to come back and talk to Sachi.

They come home. Sajeeri is lost. She says I like it when you are with me. He helps her. Sachi looks on and says I have a right on this mangalsutra, I will have this in my neck. Sajeeri goes to Sachi. Sachi packs her bags. She says I can’t stay here for long else people will think I m your Sautan. Sajeeri cries. Sachi says its time for my flight, we are best friends. Sajeeri thinks what to ask her now, she is leaving. She asks Sachi to take her fav snacks. She hugs Sajeeri and takes her mangalsutra. Sajeeri leaves. Sachi wears the mangalsutra and says I will take my rights on Shivam, I will tell him that I m going forever. Sajeeri looks for her mangalsutra. Shivam hears someone crying and goes to the storeroom. He sees Sachi hurt and worries. She says I knew it, you will worry for me, I know you love me, Sajeeri is just your responsibility, trust me. She hugs him.

Sajeeri calls out Sachi. Shivam pushes Sachi. He asks what nonsense, what’s this madness. Sachi says no, sorry to not understand you, you didn’t wait for me and married Sajeeri, why did you punish yourself. He says stop the nonsense. She says I know you are upset, forget everything, your marriage can break also. Shivam asks what, that’s enough, stop your nonsense. She says you have a namesake marriage, you have no relation with Sajeeri, please accept me. He pushes her. She asks him to make her wear the mangalsutra. Shivam is shocked. Sachi says I will tell everyone that we love each other and want to marry, I forgot the sindoor. She gets sindoor and says fill it in my maang. She forces him. He throws the sindoor. It falls over Sajeeri. Sajeeri sees them.

Sajeeri asks Sachi to return her mangalsutra. Sachi says its not yours, Shivam loves me, not you. Sajeeri asks Shivam is it true.

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