Mahakumbh 2nd July 2015 Written Update

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Mahakumbh 2nd July 2015 Written Update by Amena

Mahakumbh 2nd July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Maharishi asking Rudra the next question. He asks who does sunrise, who preaches the sun, who does the sunset, who places it on its mark. Rudra answers him, Lord, truth, its duty and humans should go with his pace. Maharishi asks him to proceed. He asks who is the enemy on whom winning is tough. Rudra says anger. He asks which illness has no cure. Rudra says jealousy. He asks who is regarded a Mahapurush. Rudra says who wishes good for the world. Maharishi asks who is the man who does not deserve respect. Rudra sees Dansh and says whose heart does not have pity. Maharishi says this answer will take you to the last question. The ice slab comes and they walk ahead.

Maharishi says he is sure that he is very knowledgeable and will pass, but warns him that its last question, and wrong answer will make the ice slab and the door disappear. He asks the last question, whats most shocking for the belief. Rudra recalls the imp people in his life journey. He closes eyes and recalls them. Maharishi asks does he not have the answer. Rudra opens his eyes. Dansh says I know it.

Rudra stops him and says just he can answer it, they are at last question, his one mistake can ruin everything. Maharishi says if door does not open in some time, they all will be stuck here forever. He asks do they have the answer. Dansh asks its shocking to know how to win over death. He smiles and looks at the Garudas. Maharishi smiles and the ice slab stab shaking. The door starts disappearing. Maharishi shows his anger. Shivanand says Dansh gave wrong answer being in his ego, forgive us, you know our right motive, do justice.
Maharishi says I can see his ego and your aim, I will give you another chance. He stops the ice slab and Rudra asks Shivanand to answer, maybe this is the fate. He says there is no time to think. Maharishi asks him last time, whats shocking for the belief. They see the door. Rudra asks Shivanand to say, and orders him to answer as Garuda head. Shivanand says he knows the answer, the shocking thing for their belief is they don’t live the hope to live, even when they know they have to die one day. Maharishi says they have less time, and asks them to go ahead. Dansh hugs Shivanand happily. They all thank him. Maharishi blesses them. They see the door and proceed. Rudra greets him. Maharishi disappears.

Bhairavi sees the people and some sand storm near the Ganga ghat. She starts praying and the sand storm calms a bit. She wishes Rudra brings Ganga back soon, else everything will be ruined. She warns Rudra. Rudra says things are getting worse, we should met Vibhishan soon. Shivanand says we should move in a group and they proceed. They walk in the dark region. Dansh asks who is there and sees Dakshak. Dakshak says he will do his big work. Dansh says I will never work for you, maybe you forgot you cheated me and made Garuda free of my poison, I will handle my mission.

Dakshak says you will work for me, if you make any mistake, Garuda will not leave you, if Rudra knows you are not the last Naag, I can’t save you from him, don’t be shocked, I m the last Naag on the door, I will not tell Rudra, so do as I say, we can plan against Garudas easily now. Rudra asks where is Dansh. Dansh says I m here. Rudra says we have to proceed together and asks him to come.

Dansh holds Katherine and takes her way shutting her mouth. Rudra looks for Katherine and asks them. They look for her. Rudra says where did they go. Shivanand says maybe someone is stopping us. Rudra says Dansh. Shivanand says we have to stop Dansh so that he does not do this again. The minister comes to the Ganga ghat with his force and asks them to find about water levels.

Bhairavi stops them. She says this is destined, the protectors have gone in the valley to get Ganga, what you are doing will ruin everything. He warns her not to interfere in his work. She says he is going bid mistake, nature and its rules are made before us. He asks the men to start the work. The people get angry and stop them.

Dansh kills Katherine. Vibhishan meets the Garudas and asks Rudra to overpower him to get entry into the door.

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