Maharaja Ranjit Singh 11th July 2017 Written Update

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 11th July 2017 Written Update by Atiba

Maharaja Ranjit Singh 11th July 2017 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sadaa tells Raj what ranjit ordered. Raj says he must have something in mind. SAda says lets go and see this. Mehtab says ranjit will be laughed at.
Ranjit says wait till lakshman brings the tree. He serves ratan food. He eats. Dal says will that tree come? Jai says if ranjit thinks so it will come. I have never heard that tree will witness. Ranjit says you will see soon. I have heard that there is devi in neem tree. God will help us. Ratan says but we were sitting under pine tree. Everyone is dazed. Ranjit says which tree? Ratan is dazed. Ranjit says Lakshman come back. Lakshman comes back. Ranjit says see tree has given the statement from mouth of Ratan himself. Arrest Ratan. Everyone celebrates for Ranjit. Ranjit says whatever the ways should, justice needs to be served.
says his weapons are bravery and justice. Ranjit says there is someone else behind Ratan as well.

Ranjit meets ratan. He says forgive me. Ranjit says you never accepted your mistake. Who told you to steal? Because I know someone was behind you. Ratan says his name is.. Ranjit is dazed.

Scene 2
Sada hugs Raj. She says dont’ be late. Take my mehtab to your home as soon as they possible. They are leaving. Mehtab turns back and looks at Ranjit.
Ranjit recalls what happened. He recalls what his dad taught him. Raj says you rule a state. But there is another war. RAnjit says what war? Raj says the war of identity. People try to take our identity from us. Ranjit says who Afghan?
Raj says the King Taimoor and his father ruined India and Punjab. Not sure how will they come back.
Taimoor is on his death bed. He says to his son, Zaman Shah I give you the sword of kingdom. He takes the sword. Taimoor says from today Afghan land is your responsibility. Zaman says I promise you. He takes Kohinoor. Raj tells Ranjit Kohinoor was our and no Afghans took it. No one could bring it back to India.
Zaman sits on the throne. Raj says your father said when there is silence that means there is a big threat. Afghans have been planning to do a lot.
Zaman syas this is the right time to attack on Punjab. Zaman says not just Punjab I want entire India. Durranis will rule India and we will enter from Punjab.

Ranjit says they have taken advantage of our weakness. We are not united that is our weakness.
Afghan men start attacking Punjab. Rnajit’s man comes and tells him. Rnajit and Raj are dazed.
Zaman has detained all the women. THey are crying. A man says ranjit our sardaar will come to you. He won’t leave you. Zaman laughs. He says that kid.. The man says that kid will start countdown of breaths. He kills that man.
Ranjit says I won’t leave him. We will get our Khinoor back. Zaman shah will be sent back to his land but without our wealth and kohinorr.

Precap-Ranjit’s man tells him that Zaman is coming towards Gunjrawala. Ranjit says ask people that they have to leave Gujrawala. Mehtba says this is your courage? You are running like coward. You don’t deserve to be called Mahan’s son. Sada slaps Mehtab.

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