Main Bhi Ardhangini 9th August 2019 Written Update

Main Bhi Ardhangini 9th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Main Bhi Ardhangini 9th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Maha Maya is about to burn snake kechuli in the fire and throws it in havan, just then a heavy wind comes from window. The havan fire moves towards Maha Maya. She is about to faint. Adhiraj sets off the fire and takes Maha Maya from there. Mohini thinks Mata Mansa have done this. Bhujang hopes Mohini is safe now. Chander says what did you do, you can’t use your power till morning. Bhujang says Maa Mansa will handle, and what is more important is Mohini’s victory and life and asks them to pray for her and make her idol. The boy comes and says idol is made. Bhujang looks at the snake idol, but it breaks. Bhujang says I will show you how to stick it back and says just as Mohini makes idol, then diya will light up. The boy says Mohini didi can’t accept defeat. Bhujang

asks everyone to pray for Mohini so that she can complete her puja. Mohini brings the sand to her room and make snake idol. Adhiraj comes there. Mohini gets alerted. He gets inside the room and finds facepack on her face. She scolds him for entering her room in night. He says he is getting dung smell. She says this is not dung, but not soil. She asks shall I apply to you and makes him go. She thinks no Adhiraj or Maha Maya can stop me. Mohini’s lamp lights up. Bhujang and everyone are happy. He says she is ready with the idol and says we will cross the invisible door with Mohini and will see Mata Mansa. He says we shall go.
Maha Maya gets suspected about Mohini. Adhiraj bandages her hand and says do you believe me now? Maha Maya says I have seen with my eyes, that kechuli, ittar smell and that bhawandar which ruined my plan. She says if she is icchadhari naagin then I will do something which you can’t think even in your dreams. She asks him to go out and stand outside the door. She says until I ask you, don’t come inside and don’t let anyone come inside. He goes out and closes the door. Mohini thinks I have no saree with orange color. She thinks puja will not happen without it. She thinks if I don’t reach there by 12 am, then the temple door will be closed. She wears white saree and thinks Mata mansa will not accept her puja as she is wearing white saree, but she will reach the temple before 12 am. She comes out of her room. Jaichand is painting the door orange. Rani asks why you want my cut my nose. Jaichand says I am saving your life and shows what is written in the book. He says if he colors the door with Kesari color then they will be saved from ghosts.

Rani asks him to give the color bucket. Mohini comes there. The color water falls on her. They think her as ghost and run away. Maha Maya does the magic and takes out knife from the colored water. She calls Adhiraj. Adhiraj comes there. Maha Maya says we have to go to jungle now, this is not an ordinary time, but Naagpanchami time. She says all naags will be going now to the invisible door and if Mohini is a naagin then she will also go, we have to catch her red handed and kill her there. She says today they will kill even Bhujang. Mohini is in the jungle and thinks to reach the invisible door somehow. Maha Maya and Adhiraj come to the jungle and see Mohini running, but don’t see her face. Mohini is running and thinks today her puja will not be incomplete. She sees Adhiraj and Maha Maya coming there. She runs again and hides. Maha Maya sees her and throws evil knife on her back. Mohini gets injured, but continues to run. Maha Maya says she must be here, she will get weak and will lose her powers. Mohini couldn’t become naagin to escape and thinks what is happening. She hides behind the trees. Maha Maya sees her orange saree and signs Adhiraj.

Precap: A voiceover tells that what is Maha Maya’s real’s avatar which Bhujang and Mohini don’t know. He says if they will be successful to do puja.

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