Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 29th May 2023 Written Update

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 29th May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 29th May 2023 Written Episode

Mohan entering the police station informs he has to file a missing complaint regarding his wife, the Inspector Ashok sitting at the back is talking with Bhushan uncle on the phone, who informs him to make sure Mohan is not able to do anything of the sort ever again in his life.

Radha in the cold storage, starts shivering due to the immense pain however she gathers the courage after praising Ba Kai Bihari jee, she finally stands up and tries to hold the metal shelf but immediately lets go due to the injuries on her wrist, Radha then holds it from the inside but she is still not able to move it, she then walks to the other side where the boxes are stacked. Radha once again praises Ba Kai Bihari jee, she uses all her strength to pull the shelf which finally moves to the front, Radha starts breathing heavily when she notices the vent in the middle of the wall, she thinks if the smoke is going out of this vent then it would have a way out of this cold storage.

Kadambari is trying to contact Ajeet, but wonders why is no one answering her call, she hears Gungun praying in the Mandir. Kadambari is stunned along with the entire family, she walks to stand behind Gungun who is mentioning that Radha said they must just do their deeds and leave everything else to him, as he also only helps those who help themselves, she asks he saw how Mohan was not listening to her at first but then agreed and now he has gone with Ajeet uncle and Ketki bua to go and search for Radha while she is taking care of the entire house with her Grandmother. Gungun exclaims they all are trying their best to do their deeds so he should also help them, and protect her Radha just as he protects the entire world. Kadambari holding her hands together starts crying while Gungun closes her eyes to pray to Ba Kai Bihari jee.

Radha in the cold storage starts looking at the smoke and thinks this is the last way she has to get out of this cold storage, she thinks she has to open it under any circumstance however Radha wonders how can she open it. Radha then sees the metal rod placed in the corner.

Yadav is writing the report when Inspector Ajay instructs him to go and bring some food for him from the restaurant which he likes, Mohan requests that Yadav is writing his complaint when Ashok explains what can they do when his wife went missing during their eating time, as the elders have said that they should eat first and then perform their duty. Mohan explains that his wife is missing yet the inspector wants to eat, Ashok explains the official who went was just a constable while he is the Inspector of this police station. Ashok starts combing his hair seeing which Mohan gets furious so asks about his complaint, Ashok reveals he will write the complaint but first questions if his hair is falling and asks Mohan for his suggestion on weather should he get a hair patch, Ashok taunts Mohan to not look at him with such furious looks as he is going to write the complaint.

Radha while limping walks to the corner from where she picks the metal rod, she slowly reaches to stand in front of the vent, however is not able to stand properly as she is really dizzy due to the smoke. Radha tries to hit the vent with the metal stick but it does not have any effect on it, Radha keeps trying her best and finally succeeds in opening the lid of the vent, she is shocked to see that it also has a fan placed inside it. Radha wonders how is she going to close the fan, wondering she has to find the button to close the fan. Radha then starts walking to the corner in an attempt to search for the button to the fan.

Inspector Ashok asks the name when Mohan says it is Radha, he starts laughing saying now men also have the name of women, Mohan reveals his wife’s name is Radha, Inspector then asks for his name when he replies it is Mohan, Ashok holding his hands together mentions Mohan made him perform the Darshan of Bhagwan right here in the police station, he asks if there was any fight amongst them both when Mohan starts thinking about the arguments between him and Radha.

Radha feels tensed as she is not able to find the button to the fan and wonders if it would be outside the cold storage, she wonders how is she going to get out now, Radha sits down and thinks that she knows Mohan would be blaming himself for all that is happening to her, but she requests him to not think like it as they just got into a little argument.

Inspector Ashok explains if it was a little argument then why have they come here as they should have gone to her parent’s house, he says that even his wife goes to her parents house when Mohan reveals she cannot go there since they have cut their ties with her, Ashok questions the reason which angers Mohan who asks if he is going to write the complaint. Inspector then asks the age of his wife when Mohan questions why is it important, Inspector Ashok informs they must know the true age otherwise it might cause problems for them. Mohan informs she is twenty one when Ashok is shocked expaling he can sense Mohan is in his mid-thirties, Mohan asks why is it important when Ashok replies he has solved the case, he getting up explains Mohan got in an argument with his wife Radha so she ran away with her boyfriend, hearing this Ketki and Ajeet are also shocked. Mohan questions the inspector what is he saying, he informs that the girls in these modern times do not want to marry a boy but a wealthy person who can give them all the luxuries which they desire but he would not be able to give her so she ran away with her lover, Mohan not being able to control his emotions starts beating Inspector Ashok, who asks if he would raise his hand on an officer, he instructs the constables to file the sections on him for raising his hand on a police officer and creating nuisance, Ajeet requests the inspector to not do this and apologize on behalf of Mohan, Ketki also explains the inspector was mis behaving then why did he lock up his brother. Mohan angrily mentions that he wants to find his Radha so he starts yelling her name, Radha in the cold storage feels as if he has called her so she requests him to quickly find her as she does not have any other way out and might not be able to stay alive for much longer. Radha mentions she is waiting for him so he must come to help her quickly.

Mohan locked up in the cell exclaims they should let him out since he wants to find his Radha, Inspector Ashok explains Mohan has not raised his hand on him but invited his bad luck so he vows that Mohan would not be allowed to go out without a beating. Ketki wonders how are they going to find Radha now that even Mohan bhai is locked in the cell. Ajeet tries to call Shekar but his phone is not connecting, Ketki remembers that he would not be in India as had a flight so would be in a plane.

Radha thinks that this fan is her last chance to get out from this cold storage, she thinks she has to find any way to stop this fan, Radha keeps wondering how can she do it, she then sees the opening so exclaims there is just one way. Radha then stares at the box placed beside, she after gathering he courage stands up but in the process causes the shelf to fall down. Radha sits beside the shelf, she then picks the box of ice cream, Radha keeps throwing the boxes into the opening of the fan thinking this is the only way she has to stop it, Radha while throwing them falls down but does not lose hope, she keeps throwing them but they are not able to stop the fan. Radha after reciting the Mantar once again throws another box, she also falls down and gets unconscious but does not stop reciting the Mantar, which she recites for courage. Radha prays to Ba Kai Bihari jee to give her strength as her body cannot bear anything, while her soul is a lot more powerful then her body and can bear anything for her Mohan jee and Gungun as they both need her support. Radha exclaims she has to stay alive for her husband and daughter so for that she has to stay alive and fight, Radha keeps swearing to fight and then using all the strength she has left tries to stand up, Radha throws another box but it once again falls in front of her without stopping the fan, she then goes back to pick another one that she throws towards the fan before falling down, Radha is relieved to see that it has stopped the fan.

Precap: Inspector says to Mohan it’s a non bailable crime, you will go in for at least 7 years and tell me you are the one who was accused for killing his own wife so did you kill this one too? Radha is trying to reach the vent but her ladder falls and she hangs on the edge of vent.

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