Main Hoon Saath Tere 5th July 2024 Written Update

Main Hoon Saath Tere 5th July 2024 Written Update by Tanaya

Main Hoon Saath Tere 5th July 2024 Written Episode

aina tells Brij Bhushan that they should go ahead with his birthday celebration since invitations have already been sent out and cancelling now would look bad. Brij Bhushan agrees but asks Raina to keep it simple, and she agrees.

Janvi calls Kian, telling him it’s time for school. Kian agrees, but he accidentally breaks his spectacles. He tells Janvi, and she reassures him that she will always ensure he can do his best, asking him not to worry. Kian thanks her and gets on the bus. Janvi notices that Kian’s photo frame has fallen off the wall and broken. She sees this as a bad omen and feels scared, praying to God to keep Kian safe.

Aryaman is shown arranging Brij Bhushan’s birthday party. Murali decides to confess his love to Ritu but fails. Aryaman calls Murali, who tells him the arrangements for the party are good. Aryaman says his grandfather gave him this responsibility. Murali asks if Janvi accepted Aryaman’s love. Aryaman says he won’t give up on Janvi until she accepts his love. Murali wishes him luck and thinks he doesn’t have the courage Aryaman has.

Janvi sees a decorated room and learns from a worker that Aryaman arranged the decorations. She notices an expensive watch and wonders why Aryaman can’t accept her refusal. Aryaman arrives with a bouquet. Janvi tells Aryaman she doesn’t accept his proposal and that his expensive watch won’t change her decision. Aryaman asks her to check the card. Janvi sees the name card and realizes the surprise is for Ritu, as Murali loves her. Aryaman explains he arranged the surprise so Murali could propose to Ritu. Janvi praises the arrangements.

Aryaman comments on Janvi’s double standards. He shows her a band gifted to him by Kian and tells her how much he cares for Kian, promising to always protect him before leaving.

Kian gets on the bus with a trophy. The students ask about it, and Kian says his teacher gifted it to him for good marks. The students tease Prince, and Kian smiles as he takes his seat. Prince glares at Kian, thinking that Kian has taken his place as the school hero and decides to teach him a lesson.

Raina sees reporters trying to enter Bundela’s mansion and scolds them, sending them away. Abhay asks why she did that, and Raina explains that if the reporters come to cover Brij Bhushan’s birthday, they will see Ujwala’s son Krish, which will make Brij Bhushan very angry. The reporters decide to go to the hotel to find another way to cover the birthday.

Prince pretends to befriend Kian, telling him that people talk behind his back and offering to solve the problem. Prince shows Kian a drug bottle.

At the birthday celebration, Ujwala arrives with baby Krish and wishes Brij Bhushan a happy birthday. Guests congratulate Brij Bhushan on becoming a grandfather again. Brij Bhushan asks Suyesh why he hasn’t thrown out the baby, saying he doesn’t want to be humiliated. Suyesh assures him he will handle everything and asks him not to worry. Krish’s biological mother arrives at the party and demands Ujwala give her the baby.

Precap: Prince gives Kian a drink mixed with sleeping medicine so that he cannot get down at his stop and remains on the bus. The conductor asks Prateek about Kian. He says Kian did not board the bus today. Dadi rushes to Janvi crying and says Kian did not return today.

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