Maitree 17th March 2023 Written Update

Maitree 17th March 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Maitree 17th March 2023 Written Episode

Vasundhara questions Ashish about why his car is parked near a drug dealer’s house and why police find drugs in his home. Ashish looks helpless at Sona. He recalls Sona’s request to him at the station and says nothing negative about Saransh. Maitree requests that Ashish speak. Vasundhara reminds Maitree that court is in session. The judge summons Maitree. Ashish requests that he be judged again. Vasundhara is opposed to it.

Maitree remembers her promise to Nandini to save Ashidh if he ever gets into trouble while saving others. Maitree provides Om and Kusum with evidence to prove Ashish’s innocence. She says it’s your house, so the final decision is yours. Kusum tells Om that they must prove Ashish’s innocence for the sake of his family, so go prove Ashish’s innocence before it’s too late and it’s swears on me. The decision of the judge is about to be announced.

Om claims to have evidence to prove Ashish’s innocence. Ashish stops him because it is against protocol. Kusum appears to be suffering from an asthma attack. Ashish approaches her. Kusum signs Om in order to show the evidence to the judge. Om requests permission from the Judge to show him the evidence. The judge gives him permission. Sona considers what is in the video. Judge sees the video and says it’s clear in the video that Saransh went to take drugs on his engagement day and drugs at his place belong to his brother so Ashish is innocent. Sona is taken aback.

Vasundhara claims it could be fake proof, so she cancels it. The judge says you’re a good advocate, but you should also try to accept your defeat. Vasundhara expresses her regret to him. Ashish is sentenced to be free of all charges by the judge. Everyone is content.

Sadhna wonders why Maitree appears to be happy at home. According to Maitree, Ashish has been proven innocent. Dinesh says that while we supported the truth, it won’t change the fact that they ruined your life, so focus on your life and let Ashish fight the custody case. Maitree says she will focus on event management and raise funds to improve it. Dinesh declares that it is time to celebrate. Sadhna inquires of Maitree what she is thinking.

Maitree is unsure how Sona will react to the revelations. Sona locks herself in a room and attempts suicide by burning herself with gasoline, claiming that she has failed to become a good mother and wife. Ashish and Om quickly break down the door and stop Sona. Sona claims that they are powerless to stop her. Ashish requests that she burn him alongside her. He lights the match and instructs Sona to burn them. Sona abandons her attempt. Ashish reassures her.

Precap: Nandini wakes up, and whispers Ashish’s name. Maitree gets overwhelmed and informs Ashish. Ashish shows up at the hospital and checks on her. Maitree gets joyous, and decides to dance on Nandini’s favourite song to celebrate. Ashish and Maitree starts dancing. Vasundhara sees them and gets furious.

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