Mera Balam Thanedaar 24th June 2024 Written Update

Mera Balam Thanedaar 24th June 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Mera Balam Thanedaar 24th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bulbul slapping Veer mistakenly to stop him from kissing her. She says she had no way, and has done a mistake. She apologizes to him. Veer is shocked and taken aback. Varnika worries for Veer and Bulbul. Vayu says the weather is perfect. Bulbul tells that she has done a big mistake and asks him to slap on both her cheeks. Veer asks her to go away from him. Bulbul handcuffs him with her hand, and says do whatever you want, scold me, slap me, vent out your anger on me, but don’t leave me. He says everything is not a joke. She says I will not let you go, and will hold you tightly. Veer says life is not a joke, and everything is not childishness. Bulbul says I can’t think of doing this even in my dream and says you came closer to me,my hand….He asks what did I do, I tried to get closer to my wife, if it was my mistake. He says I thought you want to move on in our relation, but I don’t know that you hate me so much that you slapped me. He asks if I try to get closer to you before, and says whenever I helped you for something, I took your consent. He tells this on holi day also. He says what happened to you suddenly, if you feel disgusted to come near me, or hate me. He says I know our marriage happened in a strange circumstances, and then you kissed me on my cheeks, and then this set up, I came closer as I thought you feel the same for me. He says if you will come and break my heart. He says don’t humiliate me again and again, I feel hurt, if you are having problem then go away from me. She keeps hand on his mouth and says it is not like this, and thinks to tell him the truth. She then recalls about Pocso act and thinks she shall tell him the truth. He asks what? He says I will take a decision on behalf of both of us, and declares that he is freeing her from this relation. He says you wanted to tell me your decision after 7th November, now don’t tell. He says if you want to stay as my wife then stay, and then leave after 7th Nov and I will not stop you.

They sit in the jeep. Veer says I have seen this marriage future already and says until you leave from my house and life, we will act of being married and will also act to be husband and wife. Bulbul cries. She tries to tie the seat belt. He helps her and sits in the car again, and starts driving. He stops the car seeing few men beating a man on the road. He rings the Police jeep sound, and the goons run away. They see the injured man as Devender. Veer and Bulbul get down and take him to the hospital.

Vardhan comes home and tells Sulakshana that Jyoti and her family are not in the house. He says this has never happened earlier. Veer asks Devender what happened, who were they? Devender says I had taken loan and now the money lender asked me to get your stamp on the papers, I didn’t know that he has other businesses too. Bulbul says my husband will not sign on any wrong papers, as he has never done anything wrong with his job. She says she will see that money lender and asks him to say who is he? Veer says he can’t sign, but will file the case against the money lender. He says two constables will be here and asks Gita not to worry. Bulbul says I will leave. Veer says Bulbul will stay here tonight.

Episode ends.

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