Manmohini 21st February 2020 Written Update

Manmohini 21st February 2020 Written Update by Sona

Manmohini 21st February 2020 Written Episode

Ananya and Shiv stops Pandit ji for any wedding vows. Shiv requests him to marry on the vows they have written themselves. Pandit ji agrees. They vow to love each other, think of each other before themselves. Ananya promises to always care for him and even cook for him. Ananya takes the lead. Shiv vows to take each of her responsibility and be her companion. Ananya promises he will never be bored of her, she will always entertain him. They vow together, Shivanya were one and will remain so. They will stay together in times of happiness and sadness. After the wedding rounds were complete, Shiv applies Sindoor in her hairline.

Ketki hides her tears.

Shiv ties the Mangal-sooter. Pandit ji announces the annulment of wedding rituals. They couple take blessings from elders. Amma ji blesses them. Kamal kisses Ananya’s forehead. Sunanda blesses them. Kamal clicks the family selfie.

Afterwards, Kamal dances. Everyone else joins in.

Ananya comes to the room with her Kundli to Shiv. She tells Shiv she doesn’t care what’s written in it; she will burn it tonight. She will then write a new future for Shivanya. She reapplies her Sindoor and says Shiv and Shakti had united on Shivratri, Shiv and Ananya will unite after Vish-manthan. She takes Shiv’s hand and go outside with him. They were about to step outside the house. Amma ji stops them, then with a smile she says one must always cross oil as a good omen before leaving the house. Sunanda spreads the oil with a smile. She thinks this Vish-manthan will do today, what her powers would also be incapable of. She notices Shiv was tensed and signals Ananya. Ananya consoles Shiv.

Ananya and Shiv reach the temple. The family had accompanied them. Ananya was happy to find Devika and Guddan also there. She carries the Trishol. Shiv prays that his decision of Vish-manthan doesn’t go wrong. Ananya notices Shiv’s tear fall on the Shivling, and rubs a drop in her hairline. She prays for the courage to remove all of Shiv’s pains and problems. Sunanda silently prays that she wish what she intends to do is good for everyone. Ananya looks behind, noticing that everyone was busy in their prayers. She takes Shiv outside. Sunanda follow them.

Deep in the forest, Amar stalked the three. Sunanda promises that Shiv will get rid of his Satanic powers in a while. They reach a temple around the tree in the forest. Sunanda smiles and takes them forward.

Sunanda tells Shiv to get ready for his Vish-manthan. Ananya holds Shiv’s hand and reassures him that he will be fine. Afterwards, they will go to Manila for honeymoon.

Shiv was ready. Sunanda and Ananya held two ends of the rope. Sunanda takes Shiv’s Rudraksh, while Ananya takes off her Mangal Sooter. The ladies begin their Vish-manthan, pulling Shiv using the ropes. Amar appeared behind the tree and smirks. Shiv’s eyes turned black, while his body was blazing red. He spits out black smoke from his body.

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