May I Come In Madam Season 2 3rd November 2023 Written Update

May I Come In Madam Season 2 3rd November 2023 Written Update by MA

May I Come In Madam Season 2 3rd November 2023 Written Episode

Sanjana calls Sajan and threatens to visit him home and complain Kashmira about his misbehavior with her last night. Sajan gets tensed. Kashmira asks him why did Sanjana call him. Sajan says to discuss about some important project. Bhupesh brings Tetnis. Kashmira asks Tetnis where wwere Sajan and Khiloni last night. He says they had gone to watch a movie. Sajan says he told her, but she doesn’t believe him. Chedi asks Sanjana to reach home directly after leaving office. Sanjana says she is going somewhere. Chedi says girl has gone out of control. Sanjana says she is going to his employee Sajan’s house as Sajan had misbehaved with him last night and she will complain against Sajan to Kashmira.

At night, Kashmira still looks angry on Sajan. Sajan asks why she is angry even after Tetnis justified his claim. Sanjana says Tetnis is Khiloni’s BIL who is Sajan’s friend, so they spoke what Sajan taught them. Sajan argues with her for doubting him. Daadi emerges in Kashmira’s body and punishes him as usual.

Next day, Sajan visits office. Sajana confronts him for misbehaving with her and starts feeling nauseated. Chedi brings sour fruits for her. Sanjana hints Sajan that she is pregnant because of his heinous act the other night. Sajan feels guilty. He reaches Khiloni’s shop and hallucinates hearing a baby’s voice while working. Khiloni asks has he thought his baby’s name. Sajan says he is tensed and doesn’t know where to keep the baby. Khiloni continues to pull his legs. Sajan returns home and tells Kashmira that his friend impregnated an unmarried woman, what would she do in this situation. Kashira says she would kill him. Sajan gets afraid and scolds her for thinking so. Daaid emerges and punishes him. Comedic events continue..

Precap: Sanjana asks Sajan if he loves her. He says yes and runs towards her. Kashmira is shocked to see Sajan running and falling on Balu’s wife.

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