Meet 9th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 9th May 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Meet 9th May 2023 Written Episode

Pandit says we are done with pooja. Meet looks for Sumeet and asks where is she.

Sumeet says to boy when I’m here you don’t need to worry and she help him to get up.

Meet start looking for Sumeet.

Sumeet give him water and asks him why were they chasing you, say something atleast tell me your name. My name is Sumeet what’s your name. Boy scared don’t say anything. Sumeet says I’ll call you Chiku because I love that fruit it’s sweet. Meet looking for Sumeet on street. Sumeet says ny mom is here come let’s meet her. Chiku get’s scared. Sumeet come or else those bad guys will catch you again. He gets scared and drops the bottle.

Chiku put him in car’s trunk and says you should come with me to my home and maintain silence that will be our secret. Meet see Sumeet standing behind car she walk toward her. Sumeet close the trunk. Meet asks what are you doing here. She says I was saving Chiku. Manmeet walks to her says pooja is done now we should leave and puts her in car. Meet, Manmeet and Sumeet leaves in car along with Chiku in trunk.

Gunwanti brings tea for Kanika. Mahendra asks Gunwanti to bring documents of alcohol factory and request Kanika for Ministers signature. Kanika says we are talking about alcohol factory, it takes time and I won’t be able to help you. Mahendra guve her bribe and asks her to hurry. Kanika says to Gunwanti your husband is smart. Kanika gets call from Goons, they say we are unable to find the boy. Kanika says find him I need him in any condition. Kanika disconnects the call and gets call from Minister she says to Mahendra I had to leave because of some important work. Mahendra outside Sarkar Mahal. Mahendra try to stop her. Chiku sees Kanika from trunk he gets scared and close it again. Kanika leaves. Mahendra start cursing her. Manmeet asks Mahendra who was she. Mahendra says she was Minister’s Secratary don’t know why she left in hurry.

Chiku go and hide inside house. Chiku remembers Kanika torturing him and his friends for stealing. Boy’s says we won’t steal for you. Kanika bang his head in wall and the boy falls down. A man checks the boy and tell Secratary that he is dead. She gets sacred checks his breath. Chiku run away from there.
Sumeet says to Meet why I don’t have brother. Meet remembers her first child. Manmeet says to Sumeet don’t worry we will get younger brother for you soon and they walks inside home.
Sumeet walks to Chiku and says I’ll figure out something to take you inside home there you will be safe.

Meet in her room. Manmeet brings a newspaper and show Meet her article. Meet read the article about a boy who died because orphanage roof fall on him. Manmeet says this is very sad. Meet get’s emotional says nobody is there to look after these kids and she remembers her boy. Manmeet says I have solution for everything but whenever you yell me about this I always think how can I help you in this matter. Meet says can we open an orphanage where we can look after everyone. Manmeet says you should have said earlier now we will open orphanage for you, I can do anything to bring happiness on your face, come let’s go.

Sumeet brings bunny dress for Chiku and asks him to wear so that she can hid him inside home. Meet and. Manmeet coming outside. Sumeet help Chiku to wear bunny costume. Sumeet says you didn’t tell me about your family and where is your home. Chiku start crying. Sumeet says now I won’t say anything this house is also yours my parents are your parents now. Manmeet sees Sumeet and asks her what are you doing here. Meet walks to Sumeet asks what are you doing. Sumeet says I’m playing with my bunny. Meet says okay play inside home don’t go out we will be back after our work is done. Meet keeps her hand on bunny and says this looks so strong today and she walks away. Manmeet and Meet leave the house in car. Sumeet says to Chiku now I’m also smart like my mother they didn’t realise you are inside.

Kanika says to Minister don’t worry we will find the boy. Minister says that have seen you murdering and if he told someone about the murder I’ll loose my chair. Minister leave. Goons walk to Secratary and says we are unable to find him
She says Sarkar’s family is having good hold in Sarkarpur and they want to open factory, there house will be perfect place for me.

Gunwanti in kitchen she picks up and thali with red chilli and falls in chula. Gunwanti start coughing because of smoke. Sumeet walking with Chiku she started coughing. Sumeet asks Chiku to rush because of smoke. Sumeet helps Chiku to climb stairs. Gunwanti in shock after seeing a bunny walking inside house. Gunwanti stops Sumeet, she walks to her. Sumeet get’s scared. Gunwanti says to Sumeet I saw your bunny was running with you. Sumeet says my kom give me carrot for my eye sight but what your mom gives you to eat because you are seeing bunny running. Gunwanti says I saw him running and she goes to bunny to have a closer look.

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