Mere Sai 24th May 2018 Written Update

Mere Sai 24th May 2018 Written Update by MA

Mere Sai 24th May 2018 Written Episode

Banta says we can just hear. Dilawar asks Shirdi people to call someone who is more competent than him and who makes him lose in knowledge or argument. He gives them time till morning and asks them to decide. He asks Sai to come with him and serve him food. Sai asks Bayaza to have food and says I know you are hungry. Dilawar asks Sai not to feed her and asks him to come, and make food for him. Sai apologizes to Bayaza and goes with Dilawar.

Mhalsapati ji tells that they need a knowledgeable guy who can defeat Dilawar in argument. Appa says I know someone, but they are not from Shirdi. Madhav says we look at Sai for help and says we can’t argue with Dilawar. Bayaza and Mhalsapati look at Guru ji. Guru ji says how can I compete with Dilawar and says I still need to learn more. Jhipri tells Guru ji

that you can save Sai. Mhalsapati ji says Shirdi needs you and says you got blessings from Sai. Guru ji recalls Sai’s words and agrees to argue with Dilawar. He says Sai had said that one day Shirdi will need me and says I will argue with Dilawar.
Next morning, Dilawar laughs and says you will compete with me. Guru ji says yes, I will defeat you and will take Sai back. Dilawar says if you lose then you will become my student and will do all my work. Sai smiles. Guru ji agrees and says I can do anything for my Sai and Shirdi.

Banta says Kulkarni Sarkaar is not here, so I am saying that we can judge the competition. Dilawar says how can you think that I will let you win. Guruji says we need someone who is can do justice without any differentiation. Tukaram comes and says I know such a man and says he is Nizam’s Deewan and can judge the competition. Guru ji says I met him once and says people come to him to get justice, and asks if he will come for us. Tukaram assures that he will call him. Dilawar thinks once he wins then his destiny will be bright. Deewan Saheb comes and tells that he will ask a question and both shall answer one by one. He says whoever answer is right, I will put one laddoo in the weighing machine, and says whichever side is heavy that man will win. Dilawar agrees. Guru ji gets up and takes Sai’s blessings.

Deewan Saheb asks what is the right way of living? Guru ji says human shall think of himself, also people’s development and shall also take care of animals. Dilawar says we shall thankful to be God and shall pray to him in all circumstances. Deewan Saheb appreciates both and puts two laddo in the weighing machine. He asks how to find out about real Guru or murshed? Dilawar says shishyas gets dragged to the real murshed and it will be felt that if he don’t meet then life will be incomplete and his orders shall be follow.

Devidas looks at Sai and recalls his teaching. He tells that whoever don’t tell us or make us belief who is he and why is he, whose presence make us feel peace and bring light in life. He says Guru is the one who don’t tie his shishya to him and don’t judge him, feel his pain and happiness, don’t make his shishya hesitant, give freedom and who has love and respect for shishya. Deewan picks ladoo and puts it in Guru ji’s side of weight machine. He questions both. Sai looks on. Dilawar smiles.


Dilawar tells that wherever there is a fear, there can’t be equality. Deewan Saheb weighs the laddoos

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